Tangerine Dreams Cocktail

I was supposed to receive a box of tangerines from my father for Christmas, unfortunately they weren’t ready for shipping in time.  To their credit, this edible gifts distributor (two men’s first names) doesn’t ship until their fruits are at their prime deliciousness. They were finally shipped a few weeks later when they were perfect… and when we were out of town!


Then, adding insult to injury, our post office misplaced them and didn’t hand them to us until mid-February.

What in Heaven’s name was I going to do with a dozen overly ripe tangerines? When I had my large kitchen and food processor, I would have made a delicious tangerine cake. This year, stir-crazy from all of the rainy cold weather, and feeling house-bound in our tiny home, I created my Tangerine Dream Cocktail.


It’s a dream because it works equally well with vodka, tequila, or gin. It works well on the rocks, or poured in a martini glass with ice crystals floating on the surface like tiny icebergs.

Pick your poison, darlings, and raise a glass to sunshine and warmer weather in the near future!

This makes one cocktail, easily doubled to share, or not. First rim your glass-of-choice with salt and a lime wedge, then place it in the freezer while concocting.


2 Oz. silver tequila
3 Oz. freshly squeezed tangerine juice
2 tsp. Rose’s lime juice
cocktail shaker, fill with ice

Shake very briskly, remove top, and pour into readied glasses with the ice for a margarita on the rocks, or strain into prepared martini glass.

Note: Feel free to add extra fresh squeezed lime to the ingredients, or add a splash of club soda to your on-the-rocks cocktail.

Variations: You can make a Tangerine Dreamsicle by omitting the Rose’s Lime and adding 2 drops of vanilla and a teaspoon of simple syrup. Rinse a martini glass with water, shake off the excess and place in freezer while you are preparing your cocktail. Garnish with a twist of tangerine peel.



XO Donna

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