Countdown to Ecstacy

imageI have earned my “just desserts” today, and have mixed myself a cocktail as I sit down to write this. I’m glad you’re here – I’ve looked forward to this moment all day!

I realized that the month is half gone, I know that’s a “glass half full” way to view it, but because of the nature of my business for the past 30+ years, I tend to count down at this time of year.

11 weeks till New Years Eve.  10 weeks till Christmas. 6 weeks till Thanksgiving. 2 weeks till my birthday. 1 week till Halloween. And 1 day till the house goes on the market. That’s….tomorrow!!!!

Excuse me while I freak out for a minute.

The day we have awaited for so long is here and I don’t feel the least bit ready. I remember feeling this way when I went in to labor. I couldn’t wait to have my baby. I was excited to meet him/her and and to quit feeling so heavy. Earthbound. But the moment the pain began, I wanted to put it off for  a while.

Speaking of putting things off – I have just finished painting my darling’s home office. Of course, the day before it goes on the market. Doing this, and  cleaning the garage were both put off until they became last-minute items. Before all was said and done, we were upset with each other. Why do we (humans) wait until the last damned minute to get things done? What is it about human nature that we put off doing things until (and pardon me here – I know this is a damned touchy issue) there is a gun pointed at our heads?

imageNow it’s finished, and beautiful. Whoever buys it will love it. But I feel a little resentful that I had to live in it while it was “ugly and cluttered”. ..the two wicked stepsisters…and I had to become a witch in order to get it done.  Oh well, Halloween is next week.

I used to procrastinate, until I learned (only a few years ago) to break things down into small, manageable goals, then maintain a steady pace with an end date in mind. Works like a charm. Also reduces the stress level like you wouldn’t believe! But this wisdom didn’t come about until recently. Trust me, it’s great to learn new things and put them into practice, and I intend to continue this way. I will never stop growing, accomplishing…and enjoying a delicious cocktail at the end of a hard day’s work!

I really do look forward to living in a nice apartment complex where we won’t have anything to maintain anything but our home. What will I do with myself?  Facials? Mani/pedis?  Lunch with friends?  Maybe I’ll finally write the Great American Novel!

I love y’all!

XO Donna

16 Saucy Questions – Gina Waterfield

I know I’ve confessed this before, but maybe not to you…I’m nosy!  Investigative reporter nosy. Wish-I-could-look-in-your-closet-and-medicine-cabinet nosy. I also love to know what makes some women so sexy. I created these questions as a socially acceptable way to satisfy my curiosity…


Better GinaMeet Gina Waterfield, from right here in Austin, TX.  Trust me when I tell you that she is a force to be reckoned with!

She’s an artist by nature: a painter, a photographer, a stylist, and a great cook. She writes beautiful, evocative prose. She’s a certified Reiki practitioner and a yoga instructor. And she dresses more stylishly and fashion-forward  than anyone else I know.  Add to all of that: she’s the mother of  five grown children, and has 8 1/2 grandchildren!

I can’t wait for the book she’s working on to come out, so I can learn more of her stylish secrets.  She’s recuperating from rotator-cuff surgery, so we talked, joked, and laughed by telephone over this first-ever version of “Saucy Questions,”  which Gina kindly agreed to answer.  After looking at her responses, I realized that one of the biggest components of living a sexy life at any age is passion!  (And perhaps a great pair of heels…)

  1. Favorite cocktail?   Dirty Martini (vodka)
  2. Heels or flats?    Oh, heels. Especially kitten heels
  3. Pajamas, t-shirt, or au natural?    Skin is always in!
  4. Carnivore, veggie, or vegan?    Carnivore
  5. Exercise: Consistent or irregular?    Consistent
  6. Shopping – Love or Hate?    Love it!
  7. Cooking –  Love or hate?    Love
  8. Washing dishes –  Love or hate?    Love
  9. Biggest goal this year, in one word?    Book
  10. Favorite movie?    Whale Rider
  11. Favorite genre of books?    Self-help
  12. Hobbies?     My whole life is my passionate hobby!
  13. Favorite thing to do on Saturday night, in two words?   Date night
  14. Beach or Mountains?    The mountains have been calling me lately
  15. Fly or drive?    Drive
  16. What would your Last Supper be?    Surf & Turf, a Frisee Salad (made with grapes, walnuts, bleu cheese) and silky Panna Cotta.

(photo credit: Maria Gatling)

I hope you enjoyed this peek into Gina’s closet  exciting life. I certainly did!

XO Donna