Easy, like a Sunday morning…


I’d been feeling stuck this week. Sad. Resistant. Frustrated. And had even gone so far as to question my long-held belief about wanting to live a gypsy life.

To be honest… I was freaking out a bit over the details – really sweatin’ the small stuff.

  • Are we bringing too much to the RV?
  • Would I be able to arrange it all neatly and functionally?
  • Was I giving away too much?
  • Or, conversely, not enough?
  • Would I/we come to regret this decision?
  • Would we have as much fun, and be as happy as we’d hoped?

I realized that I was feeling put-out, as if all of this was happening to me!  Huh??  I know better than that!
In a stunning flash of clarity, I realized this was all my choice. Why would I choose to feel burdened, frustrated, put-out, and sad?
We always have the choice to think big or small, be confident or afraid, make it easy or hard, fun or stressful. Ultimately, I am the decider!

IMG_1465What was my WHY?  I am doing this because it will afford me the luxury of traveling and visiting exciting new places, being outdoors most of the time, and visiting dear friends all over the country. And since the coach doesn’t have (a conventional) one, I won’t have to clean an oven again!

How do I want to FEEL?  I intend to feel free… “and easy like a Sunday morning.”* More connected to nature, to natural rhythms, and thus to myself. To feel more fit and much stronger. I’m excited to hike, bike, and learn to kayak, and SUP. I look forward to peacefully drinking my morning coffee in the silence as the sun rises.

Remembering my WHY and focusing on how I want to FEEL made it much easier to let go of more and more things yesterday. Time for someone else to enjoy them! Our special things will be in a small climate-controlled storage unit.
I follow four or five bloggers who all set out to give this lifestyle a try, and years later they are still loving their lives and glad they made that choice. That’s how I want to feel.

This morning, as if Heaven knew I needed reminding (trust me, I did)  I saw a great tweet from Jack Kornfield, bestselling author and Buddhist teacher.  It said,

“Profound realization that the true path to liberation is to let go of everything.”

We can all interpret this in whichever ways it speaks to us, but I know how I am going to view it today: I’m letting go of my stuff and giving it away as if I were Santa Claus on Christmas Eve!


XO Donna

*Lyric from Lionel Richie’s “Easy”


6 thoughts on “Easy, like a Sunday morning…

  1. Jillian Tessler

    Remember, Donna, this is not a life sentence. Go on your journey and if and when you are finished, you can always find another one. Life is today, so enjoy, my friend.

  2. I’m glad to hear that you’re yourself again and remembered the excitement and adventure that awaits you 😍 As a (former) Army wife I’ve done a lot of packing, and letting go 😫 But in the end it’s just stuff… and a lot of times, when our ‘gotta keep it stuff’ finally arrived at the next duty station I had forgotten about owning half of what I thought I couldn’t live without. 😂 Enjoy this amazing adventure – I always dreamed of traveling around in an RV😊 I’m looking forward to hearing all about it

    • You’re right, it IS just stuff… and ultimately, I can’t take it with me when I “go.”
      I’m sure when I see my stuff in the storage unit I will have the same experience as you. Really? I kept this because…. why?
      Thank you for reading and esp. for saying “Hello!”

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