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3 Mar

Just like a jigsaw puzzle, our plans hinge on putting all of the pieces together, and creating a finished product – which in this case is a big trip to Florida this month!  Continue reading

Going, Going, Gone

8 Dec
Madrid, not Spain

Madrid, New Mexico. by Donna O’Klock


Big trips are so much like cooking a holiday dinner – you plan for weeks, the day finally arrives, and it’s all over in a flash! Continue reading

Home, Sweet Home

23 Oct

Misty sunrise. Lake Georgetown, TX

It was a busy week; writing, blogging, reading, walking around a lake in a beautiful park.  I know, it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it…

My new articles are here: and here:

Thank you for coming on my travels with me, I loved reading your comments!

XO Donna


Busy Signal

9 Oct

imageThis week was my week to post on two other sites. If you’d like to visit them and catch up with me, you can click here:

Or here:

Just look under VOICES for my attest article, “Sick and Tired… & Sexy.” Browse a bit while you’re there, so many great writers! And, as always, I appreciate your thoughtful comments.


XO Donna

What’s Going On

20 May


imageHere’s what I haven’t told you: while we were on our vacation in Big Bend, I fell, put out my hand to break my fall…and broke my wrist instead!

I didn’t know it at the time, it just ached and I figured it would go away. Nothing that some ibuprofen and a shot of good tequila couldn’t fix! Continue reading


22 Apr

imageEven though their name, tangerine, conjures up images of bustling souks and Moorish architecture for me, these little mandarin oranges have been cultivated in China and Japan for more than 3,00 years. They got their name because Tangiers is the port they were shipped from, bound for Europe and America in the 1800’s.

It seems about that many years ago that I was a little kid. Since their prime season is in the winter, as children our Christmas stockings were always filled with candy canes, assorted nuts, coloring books, and tangerines. So, I associate them with Christmas.

And it was during the holidays this year that I found myself faced with a 5-pound bag of the little cuties – organic, no less – and wondering what on Earth to do with so many, when I struck gold!

Well, golden-orange. I found cakes made using many different types of citrus, and almond meal. Baking with almonds goes back hundreds of years, and I found recipes of Spanish, Middle-Eastern, and Italian origin.

imageI sought out the commonalities in each recipe, put them all together, and created my own delicious recipe. Where our food comes from, it’s provenance, has always been important to me. It’s something that was lost when our food started coming in boxes. The act of spending time making this cake brings the rich history of many different centuries and cultures right into my kitchen.

I’m making this one for a dear friend whose parents and brother are visiting her this weekend in her new home. This is truly a special occasion, and needs a special cake!

Next time you’re in town visiting, I’ll happily make one for us to share.  But, call ahead, it’s not available in a box yet!

XO Donna

P.S. – If you are interested in my recipe, please leave me a note in the comments and I will gladly share it with you. 

Molto Moto

14 Apr

Everyone came in to town last week from as far away as Florida and New Mexico for an opportunity to get together, celebrate, and to attend the MotoGP races. We were celebrating a friend who has accepted a teaching position in Little Rock, Arkansas. Besides being a gifted orthodontist, he also plays bass guitar “as a way to stay sharp,” and has become very good at it, even joining a band.


On Thursday night the band played it’s last show together, with lots of friends and family in attendance, cruising Ladybird Lake in downtown Austin, and timing our return so that we could watch the bats fly out at sunset.


Sunday was spent at COTA – The Circuit of the Americas track.  This was my first time there, and I was impressed with both the track’s size and it’s sophistication. MotoGP is the fastest motorcycle racing in the world.  Grand Prix motorcycles are “purpose-built,” solely to be raced on the track, often at speeds of 200+ mph for 18-21 laps, leaning over almost parallel to ground in turns with knees touching asphalt!


Image –

MotoGP races take place in more than a dozen countries and on multiple continents. Riders from all over the world, along with their crew, all participate and it was fun to hear so many people speaking so many different languages as we walked around.

There were lots of tents with vendors who would sell you anything from a t-shirt to a shiny new motorcycle – which would you prefer – Moto Guzzi? Kawasaki?  Yamaha? They even let you try them for fit, so I couldn’t resist this Ducati that was just my size. image

What a weekend!

XO Donna