The Common Cold

tissue boxmy uncommon solution!

It seems as if everyone is catching a cold right now, so the first thing you should do if you get one is:  STAY HOME!  (Your work-mates don’t want it, and they certainly don’t want to bring it home to their families.  Your clients won’t appreciate the fact that you went to work  ‘just for them’  if they catch your cold…nor will your boss). Please stay home and take care of yourself.

Next:  Skip the Nyquil and opt for this “trinity” that I have been using sucessfully for more than 25 years! PicFrame   This healing combo is a Goldenseal/Echinacea tincture (1 dropper in a glass of water), plus 1 Garlicin capsule (it’s odorless, and burp-free) and finish off with 1,000 mg. of Buffered Vitamin C. Do this every 4 hours and you will nip that cold right in the bud!  Who needs to suffer for 10 days… “where’s the sexy in that?”

Drinking lots of hot tea is also very helpful, but I recently found out  from that a few of my favorite tea brands have pesticides on them!  I will be sticking with the three that tested clean: Numi, Traditional Medicinals and Rishi, a delicious loose-leaf tea.

Avoid orange juice, milk and dairy products – yes, seriously! They make mucous. Stick with clear fruit juices: cranberry, apple or grape. But sticking to only hot liquids for a day or two will speed up your recovery. Try “a toddy” of hot water with lemon and lots of honey.  Add some fresh ginger if you have it. Both ginger and mint tea are good for a queasy stomach. And a bowl of chicken soup…what else could you need?  

I’m wishing you all a Happy, Healthy Holiday filled with Lots of Love! 

XO Donna

(*I am not paid to promote any of these products. I am sharing what works for myself and my family.)

4 thoughts on “The Common Cold

  1. Gary Leggiere

    Hi Donna,

    Thanks for your recipe for the common cold…Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.


    Gary & Rhona


  2. Deanna Russ

    I just wanted to let you know that you shouldn’t use anything with echinacea in it if you are taking any kind of immunosuppressant. Echinacea boosts your immune system, which is the opposite of what the medication is trying to do.

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