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Gumbo Meditation

18 Mar

Looking back 3 years to see what was happening then. Oh, my. May have to make gumbo for dinner tonight! It’s been along time.


I have never been able to sit on a cushion and stare at the wall. I’ve tried, trust me…over and over again. I thought it “would be good for me.” Finally a teacher told me that there are many ways to meditate, many ways to practice mindfulness. Perhaps I would do better with a moving meditation?

I haven’t sat still since!

I used to bake fresh bread as a form of relaxation and meditation…kneading the dough until it was as supple, smooth and soft as a newborn baby’s ass. The whole kitchen smelled of yeast, honey and love! I’d set aside a whole afternoon, it was like a vacation day for me. Then I developed a wheat allergy, and all of that was out the window. (deflated sigh)

Last Tuesday I was at my friend Gina’s house for lunch and a confab, and while we talked, she made Gumbo. I have never…

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Pssssst! I’m over here.

16 Feb

This week I have the pleasure of posting at 1010 Park Place. Follow the link below to read my blog, and those of all of the other great women that share their talents here!

XO Donna

(No) Labor Day

10 Sep

Hello everyone, this week I have posted on my other site:


I hope that you will click through,  and begin to follow that site, too!  I will show up every-other week in your in-box.

Your presence means a lot to me, thanks for reading and commenting!

XO Donna

Speeding Up Change

2 Sep

Change either happens all at once, leaving us dazed and confused, or doesn’t happen as quickly as we wish. Find my ideas on dealing with change, this week over at:

Just click the above link and you’ll find my article entitled ‘Speeding Up Change.” And while you’re there, enjoy the other great writers!

Happy Labor Day,
XO Donna


11 Aug

I have a wonderful, challenging, fun-filled, who-knows-what-will-happen? weekend planned. To see what’s in the works, just click below. Any advice? Please share your knowledge, thoughts, or encouragement!

Click Here to read all about it!

XO Donna

Happy Thursday!

7 Jul

This week you will find my new article about downsizing and struggling with my feelings over it at: If it’s your first time there, linger a while. The articles are short, well-written, and relevant to women of all ages – but especially so to those of us on the other side of the big Four-Oh.

If you haven’t seen my Travel Blog, here’s this week’s post: I look forward to having some great on-the-road adventures and photos to show you as soon as I “get this party started.” But this week I’m still packing!

I really appreciate you reading and sharing. And I especially love to hear from you!
XO Donna

In Transit

30 Jun

boxesDamn, I can’t believe we are moving again, downsizing even further. Continue reading