Watch This

I chuckled as I wrote those two words, because among our group of friends, they’re always used in the sentence “Hold my beer, and watch this!” when someone is about to do something exceedingly stupid.

 Not in this case though. 

I don’t normally wear a watch because I don’t see the need for one – digital clocks are ubiquitous. I’ve got one on my phone, my iPad, my  stove, my microwave, the dash in our truck, and noisily ticking in the office – why would I need one, much less a techie Apple Watch?

Here’s what changed my mind… after my health issues began last fall, and culminated in a stroke this spring, I was facing surgery to implant a heart monitor to determine if I needed a pacemaker. 

I know it was only minor surgery, but I was irrationally praying something would intervene so I didn’t need it .

Long story short, something did… I couldn’t have the surgery until it was resolved, and that’s when my cardiologist suggested an Apple Watch!  The Apple Watch 4  is nearly as effective as the implanted monitor at detecting atrial fibrillation, or A-fib. With the push of a button I can do a 30-second ECG which, if need be, I can send right to my doctor!  

I bought mine from the Apple store, where the team-member asked about my goals. I said I was buying it for health reasons, and the young man that cared for me was exceptionally knowledgeable! I was surprised to see that there were almost as many people in the store my age, as not. 

He showed me an “Activity” app where I can set and record my exercise goals. It also offers prompts to reach my goals, and congratulates me when I do. I feel like I have a personal cheerleader, and it’s got me walking almost 2 miles three times weekly.

I was always the kind of kid who responded well to praise, and I loved getting gold stars. Completing my goals feels just like that to me!

Ironically, my sweetie feels nagged when his watch tells him what to do… 

The Breathe app is another fave… I sync my breathing to a lotus blossom on the watch face, inhaling as the flower expands and the “haptics” vibrate against my wrist, exhaling as it contracts. I’ve set it to remind me throughout the day.

When I’ve done this before taking my blood-pressure (with a cuff – since it’s about the only thing the watch can’t do) my blood-pressure has decreased on average by 10 points!

After smashing a large clove of garlic on my cutting board (with my watch-hand) to make a stir-fry, I learned that the watch senses if there’s been an impact or a fall and asks if you’re okay, or need help.
It will dial 9-1-1 for you… but I wonder who’d open the door when the paramedics get there?

For all of it’s wonderful health-oriented apps, it’s also a phone, and you can talk on it like Dick Tracy, send text messages with voice command, and choose from an array of watch faces. I alternate between a Mod Kaleidoscope and Minnie Mouse. 

It may not have been what I thought I wanted, but it was just what I need!
Are you considering one yet?  If so, tell them I sent you!

XO Donna

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