Grey Haired Beauty

Notice how when you begin to think about, or buy, a new car suddenly they are everywhere? I decided to grow out my hair to it’s natural color, whatever that was, a few months ago. Now that it’s grown out, and it’s grey, I’m checking out all of the other women close to my age sporting grey hair. Appropriate word… because some women really do “sport it” by wearing bold colors and jewelry, and makeup that highlights their eyes and lips. I admired lots of these women in Santa Fe, whether their hair was long or short.

In the ”hippy-ish” towns of Silver City and Bisbee I saw women who embraced their silver strands as just a natural part of growing older. I saw everything from short shocky haircuts, to gleaming streaming flaxen hair with rainbow-bright streaks atop gorgeous global, open-hearted, chakra-balancing, essentially-oiled, inner-peace clothes.

Both groups felt like women who loved the power of being women, and wore their crowning glory atop faces that radiated lives being well-lived.

That’s what I want, although right now it’s in that Ugly Duckling stage between a pixie and something else. And without color it’s as fine as frog-fur, but with my experience I’m certain  I can come up with something I’ll grow to love.

The last group I noticed was all the women who had become pale water-colors. Pale hair, pale skin, fading eyebrows, dressing in pastels and beiges. We ate lunch in Las Cruces one afternoon and the restaurant was full of women my age and older, and all but one seemed content to have grown invisible. I wondered when their fire went out? Why?

My conclusion: no matter your age, grey hair in and of itself, doesn’t make us look old. What’s going on in our mind about who we are, and what our worth is, those make a woman look old. My solution: the same things I discussed in my book, “Sick and Tired… & Sexy, Living Beautifully with Chronic Illness,” about taking care of yourself first.  

Make the time to do a quick 5-step make-up; tinted moisturizer, fill-in your brows, mascara, a touch of cream blush and a swipe of lipstick.  Wear colorful clothes, they lift your energy. And jewelry. Have a good haircut that is appropriate for your hair, face shape, your ability to style it, and your figure.

To steal a line from a men’s clothier  – “You’re gonna love the way you look!”

XO Donna



7 thoughts on “Grey Haired Beauty

  1. Cheryl Johnson

    Hey, Donna. We haven’t seen each other for a long time, but I still remember your sage advice during Insight III. I got my first 3 gray hairs in law school, and I could just pull them out. Now I am turning gray/white, and I know that I have earned every one of my non-brown hairs, some through adversity, some through times of stress, some because I have been lucky enough to have lived 71 years in good health. (I bought your book, anyway.) I have retained my law license, but I am now retired from the Court of Criminal Appeals (the source of most of the adversity and stress, but also precious friendships) and regard my non-brown hair as evidence of my peace with being a seasoned citizen as I begin the next phase of my life as a learner, of working in glass and resin, of quilling, of proper singing technique. And Greg and I are more free to travel. We’re unlikely to become RVers, although we do drive all over the US. Most places we go aren’t drivable, like to western Brazil for jaguars and to Madagascar for lemurs and other strange creatures. Tanzania is next. Besides, my cars have become progressively smaller. Enjoy your road! I know that it will be very Donna.

    • Oh, wow, Cheryl, I am so happy you said, “Hello!!”
      I’ll bet your hair is still fantastic! Sounds like you two are having some wonderful travel – seeing jaguars must be a memorable experience. And Tanzania next! Keep enjoying your well-earned retirement from the law.
      And, stay in touch!
      XO Donna

  2. Denise Lawver

    Donna, we have almost the same hair cut except mine is all silver, quit coloring my hair a couple of years ago. I was a blonde so it didn’t show as much, but I get so many compliments on my pixie grey style that I’m glad I cut it off & let it go grey!! So glad I found your blog through 1010 Park Place.

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