What’s Going On


imageHere’s what I haven’t told you: while we were on our vacation in Big Bend, I fell, put out my hand to break my fall…and broke my wrist instead!

I didn’t know it at the time, it just ached and I figured it would go away. Nothing that some ibuprofen and a shot of good tequila couldn’t fix!

When it hurt like the dickens the next morning, in spite of my handiwork with the closest-thing-to-cardboard that I could find, and an ace bandage that Cindy bought for me, I was growing concerned. That afternoon, when we finally rolled into Alpine, I decided it was time for a visit to the ER. Although he didn’t need to, our friend Clayton accompanied us. As I clumsily dismounted the passenger seat of the bike and strolled into the ER flanked by two BIG “biker guys,” for a minute I wondered what people might be thinking.
imageThe doctor complimented me on my make-shift splint as he unwound the dirty bandaging and laughed at the two postcards I had used as reinforcement. After x-rays, he said it seemed like torn ligaments. A sprain. He gave me a bulky splint, which felt quite reassuring, told me to follow up with an ortho when I got home, and sent us on our way.

My splint made it difficult to mount the bike, impossible to put on my own helmet and zip my jacket, but didn’t keep me from enjoying a dinner out at Reata, and a night at the Holland Hotel. Unfortunately, the next morning was windy, rainy, and cold. The ride home was tough, I broke a vent on my new helmet, and we were all freezing. But we made it, and had time for a little dancing, to boot!

I’ve since seen an orthopedic surgeon, I have a sexy black brace, and had an MRI yesterday. Although I can’t write, and I now have the table etiquette of a kindergartner, I’m getting a lot of “typing” done. It’s all good. So good, I think I’m going to make myself a Margarita. Or get someone to make one for me!

XO Donna



6 thoughts on “What’s Going On

  1. Carole B

    Hey Donna-I am so sorry about your broken wrist. That happened to me two years ago. Patience and time and physical therapy my friend. Any thing I can do? Sending you positive thoughts for a full recovery.

    • Just saying “Hello!” is a boon to my spirits. As soon as I can drive, let’s meet for lunch! Small, steady improvements – tied my own shoelaces yesterday and went for a walk! 💖

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