What Else is Going On

The good news this week – an MRI revealed that I don’t need surgery, and I now have a beautiful blue fiberglass cast. They come in colors and you get to choose. Since they didn’t have leopard (calling all designers) I chose a lovely cobalt blue. It allows me to type with greater ease, and I can drive my stick-shift again.  I did like having “a driver” for three weeks – that’s definitely something I could get used to.

But here’s the really big news – my first article has been published in the online magazine 1010 Park Place! Their tag line is Make Life Count, and isn’t that what you are doing? Living well, staying inspired, and keeping it sexy!


I am impressed with the caliber of the writers, and honored to be included among them. There are thoughtfully written topics as diverse as mixing a great cocktail, leasing vs. buying an auto and the difference between a man’s approach and a woman’s, the passing of a parent, and traveling to Europe.

I hope you feel compelled to subscribe – and I’ll meet you there every other Wednesday.

XO Donna


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