Never say “Never”

What a day this has been!  It started off this morning over coffee with Gina Waterfield; the lifestyle genius of Table Talks and Niblets.  It’s always a cross between a catch-up session and a brainstorming session when we’re together!

Coffee finished, we headed our separate ways. My goal was to get my financial-shit together today:  I intended to buy a multi-page folder and organize every little bill, receipt, medical record, and statement that was piled precariously on the corner of my desk. 

I found just the folder I needed, bought some new pens for my ‘morning pages,’ and grabbed some mint tea and yogurt for good luck.  I was ahead of schedule.  Until I went to pay and couldn’t find my credit card! Credit Card Machine

Panic ensued…I tore through my purse like a madwoman!  I finally had to get out of line (the people behind me were giving me dirty looks ) and go pay for everything with a check at the Customer Service Desk.

I walked back to Starbuck’s at the other end of the shopping center where Gina and I had our coffee earlier. No card. Walking back to my car, I reminded myself that I never lose things.  I have never lost anything.  In my whole life! More digging through my new, blue, way-too-big-to-ever-be-practical purse.  I finally admitted defeat, called my bank, and they breezily told me to cancel it…which was done in less than one minute over the phone. 

I was informed that my new card would arrive in 7-10 days, (who takes 7-10 days to get something to you anymore?)  and that I could get a temporary card at a nearby branch. I thanked the young woman and drove to my bank.  For some reason, when I got out of the car, I reached around to my back pocket and found my card (I never put things in my back pocket).  I told you I never lose anything!

It was too late to undo the cancellation, but two great things came out of this:  we updated my account so I no longer have monthly fees. And they told me I was eligible for a new credit card:  0% interest for 12 months, and 5 points for each $1.00 I spend on gas, groceries and prescriptions.  What else IS there to spend money on???

I still have to organize everything on the corner of my desk, and I’m not saying it will never happen, but I got my financial shit handled today and that feels pretty powerful!

XO Donna

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