Happy Thanksgiving!

I have had fabulous Thanksgiving dinners…and I have had awful ones that I couldn’t wait to end.  Usually the latter were big, drama-laden, extended-family affairs.  Think, “Home For The Holidays,” with Holly Hunter and Robert Downey Jr.  My all-time fave holiday movie, do rent it sometime!

So here are a few delightful thoughts to help you enjoy your day:

1)  Take care of yourself FIRST. Then you will be able to take care of everyone/everything else later!

2)  ASK for help. With the food, with the table, with the dishes. Allow people to contribute, and acknowledge them. Allow yourself to receive. The ONLY martyr today should be that gorgeous turkey!

3)  No matter what else is going on, there is always something to be GRATEFUL for!  It is only one day…so stay present, have fun, enjoy the company and/or the food and/or the wine!  Be loving, and be your beautiful, sexy self!

XO Donna

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