Building a foundation…

We’re talking brassieres here. Yes, bras for short.

A couple of things have recently come to light (yes, a play on words for you, Ilene). I had been reading an article on lingerie in Lucky Magazine.  My friend Ilene Markowitz-Haddad had posted about a wardrobe malfunction at a photographed family function.  (  And I had lunch at Central Market South last week and was a little shocked by women’s lack of a firm foundation!   Voila, the subject of this blog was conceived!

Central Market:  I’m eating my lunch in the cafe, and as I look around I see very few women, of any age, who wouldn’t benefit from, and look much younger, wearing  a properly fitted bra!  Since we are all-about-sexy here, let’s take it one step further and make sure that properly-fitted-bra is beautiful!

I wonder if women buy bras they way they buy shoes…in the size they wish they were? I see women all the time with either their toes hanging over the front edge of their sandals, or their heels hanging off of the back of their shoe. What’s up with that? Do you think people are going to judge you, or are you judging yourself, about your shoe size?  If your shoes fit properly, nobody would ever notice.  I remember a friend of my parents who would come to our house for parties. Miss Shirley.  She always wore expensive,  and very stylish shoes, but her feet were painfully crammed into them…just so she could say she wore a much smaller size! 

Did you know that in the original Cinderella the wicked stepsisters cut off their toes to try to fit into that glass slipper???

So, back to the cafe. I saw a lot of women wearing sports-bras as their bra. Those are for under sports clothes, to keep your breasts held in place, and still. A smashed uni-boob isn’t attractive under a blouse or a polo or a baggy t-shirt.  Even large breasts can be supported comfortably, and lust-worthy cleavage can be created with the right bra!

I saw lots of white bra-straps showing. There’s no need for a ‘practical white bra’ anymore. Nude (a nude that matches your skin-tone closely) looks better under a light-colored blouse than a white bra does. Try it for yourself…I tried both a white bra, and a nude bra under a fitted, white blouse. Yup, the nude was invisible!  I bought two nude ones and put the white one in the Goodwill bag as soon as I returned home!) 

I think we all need a nice black bra also, for under our darker clothes. I have been meaning to get one for weeks (since I gave my last one to Goodwill because it gapped at the top) and it’s frustrating (more frustrating than having to go try on bras!) not to have a black bra now that I know how useful they are!

The selection of exquisite bras now available for women with small breasts is mind-blowing! Just do a search for “bras for small breasts” and take a look!  They have become delicate pieces of confectionery that  float against the skin. Pure artistry…these would look beautiful peeking through a sheer blouse. I wish these beautiful bras had been available when I was young, skinny and flat-chested!  Maybe they were….but I didn’t really feel sexy back then, and didn’t look for them. 

The article “Your Ultimate Lingerie Closet” was in the LUCKY Special Edition this fall.  They suggest: a neutral that compliments your skin tone.  A bra with a molded cup for under t-shirts or tight tops to prevent “nippling out.”  A super-sexy set of bra and panties.  And, a camisole. For cleavage they recommend Victoria’s Secret “Bombshell Add-2-cups Bra.” It’s selling points: it has underwire support, adjustable straps that will cross in back, and super-discreet padding. (For push-up bras…I love VS!)

Three brands their staff loved were; Calvin Klein;  because they’re designed to fit under his clingy clothes. Only Hearts;  which they say is the best strapless ever (I must try this one on) because of it’s separation, it’s lightness and it’s comfortable underwire. And last, but not least, Simone Perele;  which they say is an effective minimizer that doesn’t look matronly. Their staff also loved a ‘purply-beige’ called Maquillage by the British brand Bodas, which is supposed to disappear under white or sheer clothing. (I must look for that one, too!)

Since different brands fit differently, take new measurements before you go shopping. Be honest with yourself and the assistant in order to get a perfect fit.  Yes, you must try them on! 

  • Be sure the top of the cup lies flat against your skin. If it doesn’t, go down a cup size.
  • Be sure the underwire hugs your skin gently. No digging in…if it does, go up a cup size.
  • The band should support everything, and your breasts should feel like they are resting on a shelf.
  • The straps should feel almost un-noticeable.
  • The back band should stay put, and feel comfortable and smooth. No digging in, or riding up.

In regard to the wardrobe malfunction I mentioned earlier….Ilene, I have seen this happen a few times.  It’s always been with a white bra under sheer blouses, or under open-weave sweaters and knits. The flash goes off, and the white bra reflects back bounced light right through the clothing!  And there, for the whole world to see, is your lingerie!  Since the holidays are almost upon us, and family photos will be taken, here’s some advice to avoid this:  choose a bra that closely matches your sheer shirt…or wear a coordinating cami, or your new perfect-for-you-nude bra.

Remember how our mothers always told us to “wear clean underwear when we left the house, just in case….?”  I will add to that, “and a beautiful bra!”

You sexy thing!

XO Donna

3 thoughts on “Building a foundation…

  1. Wow! This was very on point (pardon the pun) and helpful, Donna! I couldn’t agree more…properly fitted essentials can make or break any effort to achieve an overall chic appearance, and often mistakingly overlooked. I definitely need the bra that disappears due to the color specs….Thanks again for providing a great resource! ❤

  2. Thank you! A good bra is a life changer. (I have a blog post in draft about this, but…) I cannot recommend a good bra fitting at Intimacy enough (there’s one in Dallas and Houston). And if you’re larger busted, Prima Donna bras are worth their weight in gold.

  3. Kathleen

    Loved this blog and LOVE Calvin Klein bras. Another brand that makes beautiful bras is Natori (mostly found at Nordstroms, which has a great foundations department). There’s a reason they call it Foundations, by the way. 😉

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