Pretty, sick.

A few thoughts on looking good when you feel awful.

When my sisters and I were young and had a flu, sore throat, measles or chickenpox (remember?), after a few days of nursing us (which really meant waiting on us hand-and-foot while still running a large household) my Mom would come into my room with a can of Lysol, a stack of fresh sheets and a clean pair of pajamas.

“Okay, up you go, to the shower. Wash your hair, put on these PJs, and you’ll feel better when you’re done!”  As I dragged myself out of bed and down the hall, I’d hear my bedroom windows being opened, no matter the outside temperature. Then the snap and rustle of sheets being changed and the persistent hiss of the can of Lysol as it sought out each-and-every germ.

She was right, I did feel better when I was finished and had climbed back into bed on my clean sheets!  In my Mom’s book, there wasn’t much that couldn’t be fixed with a shower, some Vick’s, and bowl of fresh chicken soup!

“Where am I going with this?” you ask. I’ve noticed that as we get older we no longer catch everything that’s going around anymore, but we do have times when we catch a ‘bug’ or have to deal with big health issues: surgeries, injuries, chronic illnesses and, at worst, cancer. And generally now, we are responsible for taking care of ourselves.  

I recently learned, all over again, the wisdom of my Mom’s prescription. I had been sick for a while, just couldn’t get myself feeling well, no matter what I did. As this dragged on, I began feeling sorry for myself as I went from the bed to the sofa, and back again, wearing the same crappy, old yoga pants and a baggy  t-shirt that belonged to my sweetheart. I could barely make myself shower,  I told myself I didn’t have the energy.  And each time I passed the bathroom mirror and saw my reflection, I inwardly felt a little sicker, and fretted, and scared myself with my fretting.   Finally, I heard my Mom’s voice saying, “You’ll feel better if…”  What did I have to lose?

I dug around in my dresser for a pretty, orange silk nightgown that I bought years ago for a vacation. Finding it, I dragged my ass into the shower and sitting on the floor of the shower, I bathed, shaved and washed my hair. I worried I wouldn’t have the energy to get back up…but the the prospect of running out of hot water was a great catalyst for doing so!  When finished, I slipped on the nightgown, combed my hair, and found a tube of Burt’s Bees lip gloss for my chapped lips. I’m not saying a miracle occurred, but I finally did feel better.  The image looking back at me in the mirror seemed hopeful. It was as if  the act of cleaning up was an affirmation of my intention to feel well again!

Over the next few days, I purged my drawer of the baggy, well-worn, poor-poor-pitiful-me clothes that were stashed there. I got online and ordered two pair of beautiful, well-cut pajamas worthy of a movie star! You ought to see what is out there…so many chic choices!  By the time they arrived, I was feeling much better, so they were folded and placed in my newly empty drawer.

There was more wisdom than I realized, when I was young, in my Mom’s prescription! 

Treat yourself, don’t wait, do it now! Stock up on some delicious Pacific Natural Organic soups and broths. Clean out your drawers and rid yourself of any “this old rag” lounge-wear.  Order yourself some beautiful pajamas or nightgowns…they’ll all be ready to cheer you up, help you feel better, and announce your intention to recover the next time you’re sick or feeling down. 

Remember… intention is very sexy!

To your good health,

XO Donna

6 thoughts on “Pretty, sick.

  1. Wonderful post, Donna! You write beautifully and have said eloquently what I’ve experienced many times. There’s nothing like a set of clean sheets, a shower, and a quick pick-up of your surroundings, whether you’re in the hospital or at home!

  2. Bobbi

    Love this post! It reminded me that we all need a little nurturing sometimes – even if we are the ones delivering it to ourselves. Keep the posts coming, they are timely and thought provoking!

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