Gimme a head with hair!

There’s a saying; “write what you know.”  This is where I will start…with hair. I have spent almost 30 years working as a stylist and colorist.

I’m going to assume that since you are here,  you are at least sneaking up on 60.  Hair length has generally become as much of an issue at this point in our lives as hair color, based on how many questions I receive, and how often I see it brought up in magazines. ..”now that I’m older, do I NEED to cut my hair?”  My response is usually a ‘no, but.’

No, but…you must find a hairstyle that flatters your hair texture, your face shape and your lifestyle.  While there’s no need to cut it all off, a pixie can be just as sexy as shoulder-length hair on the right woman!  On the other hand, having your hair long, just for sake of it, and wearing it in a clippy (ugh!) or a ponytail everyday is not sexy! 

As a stylist, I see beautiful, shiny, dimensional color walking out the door every day on women our age!  That’s not necessarily the way it looked when the client walked in….sometimes new clients come in looking more like ‘what the cat dragged in,’ but they always look fabulous as they walk out!

A well-trained stylist, great products, proper education, and an investment in yourself with time, effort and some money can have you looking the best you’ve ever looked!  Can you achieve these same results at home, with a box of color from the drugstore shelf?  No, you can’t, sorry. (see, ‘what the cat dragged in’ above.)  But, if you absolutely MUST color your hair at home, only touch up your roots, and occasionaly run the color through the ends to refresh them!  Yes, it’s difficult. No,  foams aren’t good for this.  And, yes, you must use a good sulfate-free shampoo to preserve your color-treated hair.

This is where sexy begins…with a gorgeous head of well-cared for, lustrous hair that is your perfect shade, in the best cut and style for you. Yes, all of those conditions are necessary to look sexy, and you know it!  Brassy-blond, dried out, frizzy, way too long (witchy), too blonde (stripper) or too dark (grackle black) hair is aging.  That’s worth repeating. It’s all aging!

If you have grandchildren, look at their hair. If not, go sit at a playground and look at the children’s hair. (Don’t do this too long, or too often!). You will notice shine, luster, subtle dimension. These things tend to diminish with age and life changes like hormone loss, illness and medications, incorrect shampoo and conditioners, thermal damage and lack of styling know-how. All of this can make your hair look less-than-sexy. The great news is, all of this can be reversed with the aforementioned effort, some time, and a good relationship with a great stylist. Spend the money on your hair, you’re worth it!

Which begs the next question; what if I choose to go grey?  There’s only one acid-test that I know of…stand in front of your mirror. First thought…do you think you look sexy, and love what you see?  Or, do you think you look old?  You’re the only one you need to thrill. Honestly!  Think you are ready to rock grey hair? Go for it! 

  Since we can’t all have grey hair like the fashion model Kristen McMenamy (left), I have some caveats for grey hair to keep you looking sexy:

  •   It must be shiny and healthy.
  •   You must have a great hairstyle!
  •   Your make-up and wardrobe should be current and in clear, strong colors. 
  •   Wearing pastels with grey hair is boring, washed-out looking. 
  •   Straggly grey hair looks like an old hippie (we’re going for Boho Chic, it’s different!)        
  •  And no make-up, or the wrong make-up with grey hair makes one look out-of-touch, dated.

Put these last three together, and it practically screams, “I gave up!” 

If you’ve done that, send me a note and we will meet for tea and inspiration.  Don’t ever, ever, ever, ever give up!

Here’s looking at you,

XO Donna

6 thoughts on “Gimme a head with hair!

  1. Betty

    Enjoyed your post. I signed up to follow and hope to read more soon. I’d love to see some advice on what to do with thinning hair.

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