River City


Funny how my three favorite places in the U.S. all start with “saint,” because I’m certainly not one. Perhaps the Universe is telling me something?

San Francisco, Santa Fe, and San Antonio are places I adore and want to return to again and again. Lucky for me, one of them – San Antonio – is just right down road and we are heading that way. 

We enjoyed San Antonio so much the last two times we’ve visited, that we have tossed around the idea of moving there when we tire of our gypsy lifestyle. But that day hasn’t come yet. 

This time I’m armed with a laundry list of things to do while there; some are things we want to experience again, like eat at Liberty Bar, the beautiful pink building that was a convent. Okay… maybe the Universe really is trying to tell me something! Others are things we  didn’t get to do, like visit Paris Hatters, a cowboy hat maker since 1917!  I envisioned lots of strolling at The Pearl, but the temperatures are going to be in the 100s all week. Not conducive to daytime strolling.

My goal is to do what we want and stay comfortable while doing it. I’m planning to do things in the morning before it heats up. There’s a patisserie at The Pearl where I’m going to have a beautiful macaron with my morning coffee, and then go to the Museum as soon as it opens. We can head home for lunch, to swim and catch a nap, then head out again as the sun sets. The “siesta culture” makes perfect sense when it’s this hot, and we plan to embrace it. I love a light, late-night dinner on a patio strung with lights in the summer, and we have one or two cafes in mind.

And, what a treat, we were invited to happy hour at our friend’s house – the ones we met last trip and then joined for the Mexican Rodeo! The cocktails will all be centered around rum, and we were asked to bring our favorite rum drink recipes. I love a nice daiquiri, and have partaken in a pina colada or two, but I look forward to trying a Rum Old Fashioned.

The invitation also said “Boat Dress” is required. Now, that has me  stumped – do you think this is this open to interpretation?  Let’s face it, you’d dress differently depending on which type of boat you were boarding: am I carrying my cooler onto a ski-boat on Lake Travis? Are we going bass-fishing? Am I heading out for a sail on the Great South Bay? Or am I walking onto a beautiful cruiser?  

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Shorts, a bateau-neck top, and deck shoes would probably work, but after styling hair for thirty-five years shorts are no longer my best look. Skinny white jeans, a summery top, and my silver Keds… that could work. The rum theme makes me think of Puerto Rico, Cuba, the Caribbean islands, palm trees –  I have a dress that might work: it’s an ocean blue and white maxi with a surplice top which shows off my best assets while covering my legs.  Hey, that sounds good… I can walk into the party like I am walking onto a yacht!

XO Donna

2 thoughts on “River City

  1. Leisa

    Ahhhh. Did you know that a saint is one who is a believer in Jesus Christ? I revel in the reuninion of the saints! Enjoy your travels.

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