Where the Wild Things Are

Looking out at the lake, I see my reflection in the window as I write… and to quote my dear departed friend, Nancy, “I look like the wrath of God!”
Even though I took the time to blow my hair dry this morning, the winds have been blowing steadily at 20+ mph, something no amount of styling product can endure.


We are camping along the banks of a lovely, jade lake for a week. We’ve been many times before, but this time has been a real treat. We’ve gotten to know the park attendant, Robert, and his wife Tina, because we took the time to strike up a conversation with them about, of all things, roadrunners!

At our last park I had the window open as I had my morning coffee and wrote. I heard a noise in the tree behind us and looked up to see a roadrunner hopping upward from branch to branch, climbing the tree. AND he was making a loud clucking sound. Who knew? I’m sure I’m not the only one who expected a beep-beep! I’m having tech issues or I’d upload the video. I shared it with Robert and Tina and they were surprised too!

A few days later we mentioned a woodpecker at our site to him. Usually they are pecking on trees, knock-knock-knock, looking for grubs. This one however is attacking the wooden pavilion cover beside  our coach like he’s a dang jackhammer.

Brrrrrrr! Brrrrrr! Brrrrrr! Brrrrrr! All. Day. Long. He’s got the best work-ethic I’ve ever seen… clocking in before nine and not knocking off until dark. We all laughed, but I’m actually a bit worried because he’ll never find anything to eat since it’s very hard, treated lumber, meant to repel bugs. Yet, he perseveres. (that’s him to the right and beneath #39)

But best of all, a couple of nights ago I got to hear coyotes again! My sweetie had turned in around 10:00. I was too engaged in a Mary Higgins-Clark  murder/mystery to retire yet. I remember noticing how silent it is out here at night, and as if in response to that thought, their barking began. Judging by the amount of yipping and howling, it seemed to be a large pack and they were coming closer. I was grateful to be inside, enjoying their shenanigans from the comfort and safety of my couch. Last time, we were outside by a dying campfire when they came, and we got so nervous (jeez, they’re coyotes, not werewolves)  we hurriedly doused our fire and scurried inside, laughing at ourselves for being sissies!

As much as I enjoy being parked at a resort where I can do laundry, shower when I want, and there is a pool or hot tub… a park like this offers the ability to just truly BE. To be immersed in nature. To have lots of time to think. To  be still enough to feel. To have the time to observe and listen. All of that, so rare in our busy lives, can be pretty darned rejuvenating.

And another thing I enjoy about being out here… nobody, besides me, cares what my hair looks like!

XO Donna


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