I don’t know if it’s that I’ve been home so much, only going to the grocery store or to visit my son and bring him home-made baked goodies, but I think my brain is beginning to turn to mush.

I’ve actually enjoyed my reclusiveness, but just when I started to feel comfortable thinking about going out again, vaxxed and boosted, both a dear friend, and my sister (also vaccinated and boosted) caught the Omicron variant.
They are well again, but it was not “like a cold” for either. They were lucky enough to be able to get a monoclonal antibody infusion.

Like Punxatawnie Phil the Groundhog seeing his shadow today, I am perfectly content to go back underground for 6 more weeks!

I’ve been irregular in my posting, but not being out-and-about I’ve felt I had nothing of import to share, then it occurred to me that lots of us probably feel that way these days. Lots of us are struggling a bit to overcome our boredom, after all, it’s winter and it’s difficult to get out and exercise, which always helps me. Here’s when we can get by with a little help from our friends.

So, it may be a hodgepodge, but I’m going to share what’s been getting me by: movies, books, blogs, etc. and I’ll bet you will find something new that strikes your fancy!

Let’s start off with movies – two that we’ve loved are “The Tender Bar” starring Ben Affleck, and “Don’t Look Up” with an all-star cast. As my sister Elizabeth said, Ben Affleck is better in The Tender Bar than anything else I’ve seen him in. Set in 1972 on Long Island, NY (my home) it’s about a young boy looking for a father figure, which he finds in his Uncle Charlie, a self-educated and worldly-wise bartender played by Affleck. Perfection.

And if you need a zany spoof of everything right-this-moment, “Don’t Look Up!” is just the comic-disaster to deliver it!
Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio play astronomers who discover a comet that’s headed straight for Earth… and total annihilation, but can’t get anyone to take it seriously. An indictment of our current world. With a karmic ending.

On our to-watch movie list are “Eye in the Sky,” “Two Faces of January,” and “Jean of the Joneses.”

I signed up for BritBox after talking to a neighbor who also loves all-things-British when it comes to TV. I especially enjoy legal thrillers and detective series. After Midsomer Murders finished, I was lost – but now I’ve become hooked on a new-to-me series called “Vera.” It’s formulaic – always opens with a murder that’s always solved in 90 minutes – but that doesn’t make it boring. I’ve fallen in love with the main character, Vera, a wise woman who is fearless, dependable, earthy, ruthless in her pursuit of justice for the deceased, but still has a capacity for tenderness in spite of all she sees.

I’ve only read one book lately, because I’m having trouble trying to focus right now. Thus my escape into murder mysteries, and why I think my brain is turning to mush. But, I follow a blogger who I think you will also enjoy. It was her recommendation that led me to “Reading in Bed,” by Sue Gee
about two 60-ish women, friends, one married and one single. It was sweet, honest, poignant, and well worth the read. I may reread it because all I can remember is how it made me feel, but not the details.

The blogger is Sue Burpee, and her blog is ‘High Heels in the Wilderness.’ https://highheelsinthewilderness.com

It’s beginning to rain now. We are expecting the cold front that most of the rest of the country is experiencing right now – with temps in the 20’s for a couple of days. Not our usual Texas weather. Whether our power-grid will hold up this year remains to be seen. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, and I’ve got flashlights, candles, blankets, and bottled water just in case. Who knows, maybe I’ll even read a book by candlelight if our power goes out. Stay warm, y’all!

XO Donna

8 thoughts on “HODGEPODGE

  1. Jamie

    I enjoy your blog no matter what it’s about🙂. I’m in Texas too (also keeping my fingers crossed). My husband bought a small generator after the winter storm we had last year. He’s actually itching to try it out!

    • Thank you, Jamie, I appreciate it! I envy you your generator – we looked at Coleman camp stoves and generators, but didn’t act on that. If we need to, we may come to your house, I’ve made muffins! LOL XO Donna

  2. I’ve been bingeing on Korean TV series! They’re beautifully done. No graphic sex. Cool karate and jujitsu acrobatics when appropriate. Nice romance when indicated. Start with Mr. Sunshine, a period piece which takes place in the early 1900s, when Korea was taken over by Japan, the history of which I was totally unfamiliar. Lovely story-line, photography, and beautiful actors and costumes. They cancelled in-office patients today, so I’m bingeing on The King – Eternal Monarch.

    Do not plan to step out of my house! Many who do today, will slip on ice under the thin layer of snow, and break their hips and wrists. It happens every year! Fortunately, some of my partners are on call for this inevitable occurrence.

  3. Hello, Barbara – Thank you for sharing this, I know NOTHING at all about Korean TV and now I have something new to explore!
    I’m with you about staying in – my sidewalk is a sheet of ice, so I can only imagine what disasters could befall a person! I’m very comfy inside with my British murder shows. Everything else can wait until it’s safer to go out. XO Donna

    I have seen DONOT LOOK UP! AT FIRST I WAS MAD during the first 30 minutes as it was OUR WORLD NOW and what we are living through then I REALIZED that and started TO GET IT!VERY POWERFUL hopefully some of the how do I say under educated MORONS will GET IT!XXX

    • Thank you for thinking of us here, it DID hold! Such a relief! Mercifully our freezing weather wasn’t as sustained as last year. I still have my doubts about the power grid here. About Don’t Look Up – I have no faith that those who don’t get it ever will. But, I have faith that enough of us do get it and our collective energy will pull us all through. Or, at least, most days I do. LOL. It was a funny movie! XO

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