It is funny how things change, but yet, they really don’t. I’d say it’s more of an unfolding, or evolution, rather than being another Big Bang!

I turned 70 since I last posted, and as those of you that have preceded me know, it’s no big deal. More of a societal issue, actually.
We have all been conditioned to think of 70 as old, (hell, women dread turning 40… can you imagine?) but I still feel years younger than my chronological age. I’m still l learning new things, still doing Nia, and still having fun. But there is one change I have noticed – I would dearly love a nap most afternoons! I’ve decided it’s because I am still recovering… because I’m certainly not old yet!

I had a lovely birthday – I got to speak to all three of my sisters, AND they all sent me beautiful gifts. My 93-year-old father called me and we had a very upbeat conversation. I thought he wouldn’t remember, but he did. And my sweet son posted a playlist for me on Facebook, then called, and we had a nice conversation, too.

My long-time friend Mike came over for a joint Birthday supper, and whipped up some very complicated, but utterly delicious cocktails to go with a tray of chicken enchiladas verde. Isn’t Mike’s shirt fun? And our drinks were even gin-based!

For dessert, I made my first rustic apple tart and “tweaked it” to compliment the enchiladas by adding finely minced jalapeño, raw sugar and cinnamon, and topped it off with toasted piñon. I was surprised by how simple the crust was to handle, and how light and flaky it turned out! A win worth duplicating for Turkey Day, sans jalapeños.

But, just so I didn’t get too cocky with my pastry success, the Kitchen Gods intervened and the next morning I boiled-over my oatmeal and had a mess to clean-up before my first cup of coffee!

It seems that some things never change, and microwaving oatmeal continues to elude me, so back to the stovetop.

Never get cocky!

Besides time in the kitchen, I’ve spent lots of time poring over photos, ordering cards, and getting everything ready for my Etsy shop. I know you’re going to love it! I finally settled on the perfect name for it – Fairview Photos. Fairview Avenue is the only address where all five of us O’Klock sisters lived together. It was a great house, although with six gals and only one-and-a-half baths, it was a squeeze.
No wonder my poor outnumbered Dad was usually overwhelmed. Its location was ideal – the Great South Bay was just at the end of our street. Lots of kids our age, school was only a few blocks away, and we had amazing neighbors. So many great memories there, so the name suits me to a tee.

Speaking of memories, these mailboxes are among my favorite photos from Santa Fe, shot in 1995. I always smile when I come across these pictures. I always assume that Larry was their friendly local mailman. Can you imagine actually knowing your mail carrier these days? I wish I did, and I’ll bet some of you do.

Gentle Spirit, indeed.

This is just some of my art that will be available on Etsy. Some details are still unfinished, but, in less than two weeks it should be ready for its opening and you will be the first to know!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and a bright and meaningful Hanukkah. While many things around us are changing right now, there is always so much to be thankful for. Goodness, love, and light – that Gentle Spirit – are what I am most thankful for!

With my love and heartfelt respect,

XO Donna

11 thoughts on “SAME OLD?

  1. Happy Birthday, Donna. You look great. Seventy is only a number… just ask your dad. 🙂 My mum is 94, frail, but still bossy and opinionated. Which I love. Most of the time. Ha.

  2. Joan

    What a lovely post…also the name you chose Fairview….and you described the former residence location to a tee as being situated with a “fair view” a lovely view in other words. The mailboxes are so original… mail drop is built in the front porch and I do say “Hi” to my mailman when I see him in the neighborhood….
    May I add you look wonderful and I hope you are healthy and in wonderful shape these days.
    I remember turning 30 when the slogan was “never trust anyone over 30”. Ha…. I will be 82 on the day after Thanksgiving and I plan to make a vegan pecan pie for me and my darling husband for my b-day, having the actual feast at my daughter’s house on Thursday, but taking our plant based main dish.
    Happy Birthday!

    • Thank you so much Joan! I’m glad you like the mailboxes, too. They speak to me of personal connection, and they are a joy to look at.
      I remember that slogan, too… the arrogance of youth!
      Happy Birthday to you – your pie sounds delicious! XO Donna

  3. Janelle

    Happy birthday Donna! I will be turning 70 this summer and my goodness I feel so much younger. I read an article recently that explains how to make a reverse bucket list; think of all the things, places, people and travels you have done and enjoyed. It’s an amazing experience! I must have missed that you are moving.

  4. Thank you, Janelle! And Happy Birthday to you, too! What a wonderful idea – a been-there-done-that list. I will make one!
    We moved…. it will be three years ago January 3, 2022. I keep thinking it was only two years, but the pandemic…
    We are finally beginning to really enjoy Sun City and all it offers.

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