Semi-Brave New World

Everything is completely different than it was two weeks ago… who could ever have imagined?

And yet today dawned sunny and warm, the birds alternate between singing and giving us dirty looks from their cruddy, almost dry birdbath. Thank heavens this isn’t a Hitchcock movie…

I’m anxiously finding my way through these turbulent times, how about you?

Everything here in our “senior community” has been completely shut down (I’m talking Ghost Town) for two weeks. But I’ve found yoga online. And my BFF is doing her NIA classes live beginning today. Something fun to add to my daily walks. Have you found any online exercise you like?

The Coffee Break Creativity group that had just begun meeting has moved to working together online, also. By sharing artistic goals we want to achieve, and before & after photos, we are all still connected.

Even my group therapy session happened online yesterday. Seeing everyone’s dear faces onscreen reminded me of Hollywood Squares. Remember that old show?  It was so zany and risqué for it’s time!


Afterwards, my sweetie and I had an appointment with a lawyer. Their office followed the most stringent cleansing and social distancing standards imaginable – we could have done surgery in there!  But, I still signed all my papers with my own pen. After talking about this for years, our wills and our medical directives are now finished.

Do you have a will and medical directives? Does your family know your wishes?  People avoid talking about this, but it is actually a generous gift to your family.

At the most difficult time ever, they will know how to carry out your wishes, and it will give them a sense of direction and purpose when needed the most. Just try to make sure your wishes are reasonable…

Obviously, we couldn’t give my sister the “Viking funeral” she wanted: A flaming boat set adrift in the river behind her home floating toward Lake Michigan would probably have violated every city, county, and state ordinance on the books. And I’d probably be writing this to you from jail.


After the lawyer’s office,  we braved the grocery store. It’d been more than eight days since our last trip and neither of us really wanted to go. I was anxious, to say the least. We both felt a little safer when we saw that they had their social distancing down to a science!

Unfortunately, the shelves were almost bare, and the weirdest stuff was unavailable – not a can of baking powder or box of baking soda to be found. Nary a packet of yeast. I’m very adaptable, and a resourceful cook, but for some reason the sight of an absolutely empty baking aisle pushed me over the edge – I fought back my tears and hurried along.

Today I must catch up on my English Grammar class (I’ve fallen behind) and bake a couple of loaves of sandwich bread.

I am counting my blessings: my family and tribe are all well right now, I get to see them online. I’m making a donation to the local Food Bank. And I’m sending out blessings for those on the front lines: all of the  medical personnel, and technicians and researchers, and public servants braving this virus, all of the workers who can’t work. And to you, friends, may you all be healthy and well.

XO Donna


10 thoughts on “Semi-Brave New World

  1. Nancy Kern

    I love this, Donna. I can especially relate to the Hollywood Squares analogy. And finding online Nia classes with Holly. Let’s keep counting our blessings.

    • Hahahahaha, glad you like the Hollywood Squares! And to get to dance with Holly again is a blessing, for sure. I will be dancing with you online! XO 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️

    • Thank you, Chris! I’m finding that virtual accountability is a good motivator, inspiration is all around (I love watching your talks) and staying interactive is good for our hearts! 💗😘XO

  2. Laurie S Mahaffey

    Thanks, Donna! Hope you & Turk stay healthy through this. We are fine so far. Mary Ellen is due with her second baby April 5. Not a good time to be in a hospital, but I believe it’s an all-maternity place.
    Virtual hugs! Laurie


    Thank you Donna for your time, your words, and consideration. YES, YES, and YES. I’m wondering what the hell is everyone doing with all the baking soda? I put it on my list because I use it to clean and in the laundry for odor eliminating. Be well and stay creative.

    • Maria, I can’t thank you enough for sharing your abundance… from baking soda and baking powder… to continual artistic encouragement and enthusiasm!
      Thank you for making creativity easy accessible by taking small steps rather than thinking I need to write or paint a masterpiece tomorrow!

  4. esthermzimmer2016

    David and I got our wills and medical directives organised when we went on our ‘Big Trip’. It’s funny how we put these things off and then when they’re finally in order, it’s like a weight has been lifted! Donna, the sight of empty supermarket shelves brings me to tears too. It’s not the fact that I can’t get certain things that tips me over, it’s simply the emptiness. It also makes me think about how fragile our food chain really is. xo

    • Exactly, Esther. The tears were because in that instant, I realized how much I take it for granted that what I “want” will always be there, since it always has been.
      I’ve ordered some organic yeast and flour, and it’s coming from France on Amazon!
      I was touched, and uplifted, by Queen Elizabeth’s speech. If only we had leaders here with her eloquence. When I think about what she has seen, and lived through, what your country has endured, I appreciate and respect her serenity. I think the US could do with a stately feminine presence to oversee their maniacal macho tendencies!
      I think a Zoom meeting, for tea, for the three of us would be wonderful! Let’s both mention it to Brenda and see when we can make it happen.
      Much love to you and David, may you and yours all be well and safe.
      XO Donna

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