This Old Thing


We are now living in, and loving, our motor-home. The RV resort where we are staying greatly contibutes to our overall enjoyment of this experience with it’s beautifully maintained grounds, the view and privacy we have, and the ability to exercise daily.
We can take longs walks either early or late (the only times the temp isn’t hovering around 100) with lots to look at and friendly people. We can also go to the exercise room anytime.

Speaking of exercise; it took me two full days to recover from moving. I lost track of how many times I hustled up and down the staircase carrying boxes. My legs were shaking like a China cabinet full of Hummel figurines in an earthquake! But, to get to my point, I never felt that my exhaustion was because I was OLD. Everything ached because it was hard work using muscles I don’t use to that extent every day. I am grateful I am strong enough to have done this. Now I know better for next time.

What brings this up is that I’ve noticed a trend on Facebook, and in conversation, where many women, including much younger ones, complain about lack of energy, or weight gain, or aches and pains – blaming it on getting old by saying, “It sucks getting old.”

I’m no doctor, and I don’t even play one on TV, but perhaps those problems have a lot more to do with poor diet and inactivity than with “old age.”

I know from experience that the less active I am the worse I feel. We are designed to move, and when we don’t do so regularly, and meaningfully, systems break down. You know the saying, “If you don’t move it – you lose it!”

I have a dear friend close to my age who travels the country conducting Nia Technique workshops and teaching classes daily. And another playing competitive tennis against women half her age. Another does the MS 150 each year. My friend Nancy did yoga and tai chi right up until her death at 90 and my grandmother-in-law was still taking walks, sewing clothes and cooking lasagna for her large extended family… at 100!

To quote my (s)heroine Ernestine Sheperd, the beautiful 81 year-old bodybuilder, “Age is nothing but a number.” You can feel vibrant and sexy at every single age.
Now, no more about this “old thing.”

XO Donna

2 thoughts on “This Old Thing

  1. Nancee

    Donna, you are so right….use it or lose It! I am 66 and have not done anything in the way of excerise for the last 10 years. On Saturday I fell and broke my ankle and trying to use crutches with no upper body strength is terrible. I have made a promise to myself this is going to change!

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