Molto Moto

Everyone came in to town last week from as far away as Florida and New Mexico for an opportunity to get together, celebrate, and to attend the MotoGP races. We were celebrating a friend who has accepted a teaching position in Little Rock, Arkansas. Besides being a gifted orthodontist, he also plays bass guitar “as a way to stay sharp,” and has become very good at it, even joining a band.


On Thursday night the band played it’s last show together, with lots of friends and family in attendance, cruising Ladybird Lake in downtown Austin, and timing our return so that we could watch the bats fly out at sunset.


Sunday was spent at COTA – The Circuit of the Americas track.  This was my first time there, and I was impressed with both the track’s size and it’s sophistication. MotoGP is the fastest motorcycle racing in the world.  Grand Prix motorcycles are “purpose-built,” solely to be raced on the track, often at speeds of 200+ mph for 18-21 laps, leaning over almost parallel to ground in turns with knees touching asphalt!


Image –

MotoGP races take place in more than a dozen countries and on multiple continents. Riders from all over the world, along with their crew, all participate and it was fun to hear so many people speaking so many different languages as we walked around.

There were lots of tents with vendors who would sell you anything from a t-shirt to a shiny new motorcycle – which would you prefer – Moto Guzzi? Kawasaki?  Yamaha? They even let you try them for fit, so I couldn’t resist this Ducati that was just my size. image

What a weekend!

XO Donna


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