An Apology

Austin by Donna Starnes

Austin by Donna Starnes

For the fantastic weather we are having here in Austin, TX.

We just sent a text to our dear friends in Lincoln, Nebraska when we saw that their high temperature was going to be 27F today.  “Hate to gloat, but it’s 82F here!”  The response was swift and contained an unrepeatable four-letter word.

I have a weather app that tracks the temperatures anywhere, so I have pages for  dear friends, family, and vacation spots. Sitting on my patio, bare legs propped on a chair with the sun shining on them, I can see that it’s only sixteen degrees where Sister #5 lives. And only 63F in Key West, FL – one of our fave places. It’s pretty nice being in the catbird seat, and I am grateful for this glorious winter day.

Days like this explain why people are moving here in droves. It’s exactly why I moved here from New York, after being snowed-in for three days on Valentine’s Day in 1978. Austin was a sleepy little town then, and contrary to what people say, it was not better – just smaller. No traffic, much less people. I think there were about 350,000 then. There are closer to 2M now.

There were almost no decent restaurants then. No good pizza. Not a bagel in sight. Now, there are lots of fabulous restaurants, brewers and distilleries.  But, it took an influx of people to make that happen. Now, there are too many people and too much traffic.

imageWhich is why I really appreciate having this amazing balcony and patio – my little slice of Heaven on a day like today. I don’t have to go anywhere – I can see parts of the river below, cliffs and hills lush with evergreens across the way, and a large swath of cloudless blue sky.

Speaking of colors, I notice my legs are still ghostly white – but there’s self-tanner for that. And it will be cold again next week. The shorts will go back in their drawer. The jeans will come back out.  I’m telling you – living here’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it!

XO Donna


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