Disappearing Act, Redux

Tidied up the original. Enjoy!


imageYes, I did write this post a few weeks ago, and I admit that I was in a hurry when I pushed Publish. I didn’t realize that WordPress had a glitch and posted a garbled blend of two earlier revisions.

I didn’t see it until the next afternoon and I was aghast! But, I must admit, some of it was pretty funny. In the spirit of Marie Kondo and her “life changing magic of tidying up,” I want to tidy up that post.

What I like most about her method is that it works and it’s fun. So much so that I’ve done my closet and dresser since then.

Regarding her rules:

  • Tidy by category, with goals. (Okay, I agree. One thing at a time)
  • Start by discarding everything at once, intensely and completely. (I couldn’t stop laughing after I read this. If you followed my instructions and discarded…

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