That bites…

I missed y’all last week, but have a great reason for standing you up: dental surgery.
imageI know, makes you cringe doesn’t it?
But I am very blessed to have a great dentist and oral surgeon. I have known them both for years, and we ride motorcycles with our oral surgeon.

There aren’t many things I envy the young people today about…but I do envy the hell out of their gorgeous teeth!  If their parents raise them to not eat candy all of the time, young people don’t ever have to have a cavity.
Should they somehow get one, dentistry is much more sophisticated than when we were young. Teeth are now filled perfectly with color-matched composite fillings (as opposed to the old amalgam fillings which were used on us) . Most get braces if needed. Since it’s the norm, nobody gets teased like kids did when we were in school.

Look at most young people and they all have straight, pearly white teeth…pretty much the norm in the US.
Look at people my age and some of us are doing invisible braces even now. Most of us bleach our teeth (which really helps if we are smokers or drink coffee and red wine).  Most of us have had  our old “silver” fillings removed and replaced with composite fillings, and many of us are now looking into dental implants. Logging lots of hours in dentist’s chairs. But, consider the alternative. Uh, no. Let’s not.

The surgeon joked as we waited for the novocaine to take effect, “This growing old stuff isn’t for sissies.”  No kidding. But, I want to keep that sexy smile going!

I feel wonderful this week, but now my sweetheart is lying on the couch having just returned from his dentist and having had an extraction, too.

I’m grateful there is an alternative to either ‘no teeth’, or ‘false teeth.’
But I’m trying to figure out which bank will be the easiest to rob!


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