And hating almost every moment of it.

Both of us keep saying, “WHY DO I HAVE SO MUCH STUFF?”


imageWe started clearing out things early. But not early enough. And we didn’t let go of enough…our small apartment is filled to the brim!

We were still scrambling when the movers arrived. They moved our large items, we have had to move the rest. One week now of carrying boxes up two flights of stairs, working as hard as stevedores.

Today is it. We must be out, the place must be empty and clean.  The new owners move in tomorrow.

I left for work today after digging through boxes to find something, anything, to wear.

Breakfast was a cup of coffee, a banana, a glass of water and a Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Square with Sea Salt Caramel filling.

Are we both too old for this? Yep. Could we have done this better? You bet.
And that will be another blog as soon as I recover from this.

Thanks for being here.

8 thoughts on “Moving

  1. Jillian

    Poor Baby….Our new place is being built as I write but we have not sold our home as of yet.. Anxiety, frustration, fear, etc. And then, the thought of packing boxes and unpacking and throwing things away sounds dreadful. I am living vicariously through you at this time. Please tell me when it gets better….


    • Start YESTERDAY is the best piece of advice I can give.
      Keep asking, “Do I really need this? Who could benefit best from it?”
      I couldn’t fathom what moving into a place 1/3 the size of what we were used to would be like. Answer: Hoarder Hell!
      (maybe that’s just what it feels like today)

  2. karen

    Amazing what we collect. I am trying to downsize but not doing too well. Enjoy reading about your goings on. Good luck with your move xo

  3. Gary

    Did you say “TWO flights of stairs”? When we downsize it will be the first floor or there will be an elevator.

    • Yes. Stupid, right?

      It’s been like “boot (or booty) camp,” although my sweetie said he’d rather go back to boot camp!

      Next place we will get it right!

      • Deanna Russ

        Next place…???!!! After that, they would have to drag me out feet first before I would move again!!!

  4. Deanna Russ – Yes, there will be a next place. Our lease is up in 14 months – we will plan it better, have even less to move, and it will easy-peasy next time! XO

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