We can never know about the days to come
But we think about them anyway…
Anticipation, Anticipation
Is making me late
Is keeping me waiting
by Carly Simon

We are on hold. Waiting for the option period on our home to end tomorrow night, and for an agreement for the sale to proceed. Until then we can’t commit to leasing our new apartment. We can’t commit to our mover in order to get on his schedule. And we don’t want to start packing anything until we know the sale is going to go through.

Tomorrow night we will know, then it’s going to be “balls to the wall!” We have less than one month to get everything scheduled, sell the furniture and art we aren’t bringing with us, distribute what has been promised, pack-up and move.
Sounds like a lot to accomplish, but as I’m sure you know, you can move mountains when you have to!

Pin+Board+bulletin+board+inspirational+images+JWWHglbCvoYlThe dictionary says that anticipation is “the act of looking forward, especially with pleasurable expectation.” That sounds about right to me. Synonyms are: expectancy, excitement, and suspense. Yes, I am feeling all of those things mixed in with everything else.

I’ve put out to the Universe what I would like to have happen by creating a collage of images that represent what I want to experience. There are lots of photos of beaches and lakes. A beautiful motor-home. Togetherness and adventure. Peace and accomplishment.  And pleasure.  (image above not mine)

I look at my poster every day. I am not certain exactly how things will unfold, but I am allowing for them to turn out even better than I can imagine!

XO Donna

5 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. brendaladd78704

    Keeping my fingers crossed Darlin’. I do need to tell you that Anticipation was written by Carole King!

    xoxo Brenda


    • Thank you, Denise. It will…it always does, doesn’t it? You will be the first to know…you’ll look out your window one morning and our RV will be parked there!!

  2. Thank you, Maria. I did note that it wasn’t my collage I was sharing…I felt mine was somehow too personal, or too vulnerable to share. But I have been doing “Dream Boards” for more than 25 years now! Great inspirational too, aren’t they?

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