Watch your language

This has been rolling around in my head for a long time….

pixgoodIf words have power (they do) and our thoughts create (they do) then we should pay much more attention to both.

I think it’s high time we change our verbiage.  We label almost everything as a war against,  or a fight against, or fight for. We do battle daily. There is a war on drugs, a war on poverty,  a war on women, a war against obesity and a war on crime. We fight heart disease.  We fight illiteracy. We fight cancer.

We casually say we hate most everything. Or we’ll say that something is to die for.
And without a second thought we will say about a headache, or backache,  or allergies, that they are killing me.
As a means of complimenting something we like or envy, we say,I’d kill for it.
Then we wonder why there is so much hatred. So much violence. So much anger and animosity.  But it’s built right into our everyday language. We are “putting it out there” hundreds of times a day!

We don’t even know we are saying it, we have become unconscious. I know that I was, until my therapist pointed it out to me. Then I did two things:

  1. I began to pay attention to all of the times, and all the things, that I said I hated.
  2. I stopped saying it, and began to re-frame my thinking. How else I could express myself?

Let’s find other words to use.
Let’s all pool our creative resources and begin to let our words affect a positive change.
Let’s focus on what we DO WANT, rather than what we don’t.

Let’s CURE illnesses. Let’s INCREASE literacy. Let’s REDUCE poverty and INCREASE income. Let’s create a CUT BACK on crime and a DECREASE in drug dependency. We will FIGURE out food, ENLIGHTEN  education, and all MOVE toward wellness.

I’m sure you get my drift…and can think of others. I’d love to hear them!
Please share your positive thoughts in the comments below, and I will compile them for a blog that YOU wrote.

XO Donna


6 thoughts on “Watch your language

  1. Carla

    Well said. Same goes for saying “I am tired, or hungry” this just perpetuates the feeling of tiredness or hunger. Better to say “I feel tired etc.

  2. Kim Straub

    Bravo!!! After my precious mother died, I stopped saying “to die for” and phrases that had death in them. Nothing is that important!

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