Eyes on the Prize


I had the idea that blogging would be an “easy” way to start writing. With that in mind, two years ago I attended my first BlogathonATX. I vowed that I would figure out how to do it, and began.

One hundred posts later I have learned a few very important lessons. I’m talking about my experiences writing, but on reflection, everything always seems to be about LIFE.


  1. When you set goals meet them.  I’ve experienced growing self-confidence in my ability to write as a direct result of  setting a goal and accomplishing it. As I reach that goal, I then set another.
  2. When you commit, keep your commitments. I’ve also experienced increased self-esteem as I keep commitments, both to others, and to myself. I’ve also noticed how not keeping a commitment makes me feel. No, not guilty….I’ve spent too much money on therapy for that! I won’t let myself play the “guilt game” anymore.  You know,  “if you feel guilty enough, long enough, you’ll be absolved.” It doesn’t work, and you know it…deep down inside, you know it. A) – Guilt is optional. Yes, it is.  B) – Drop the guilt, or drop the behavior.
  3. Do not make promises you can’t, or don’t really want to, keep. In order to become good at anything we must prioritize it, make space for it, and don’t let anything intrude on that space. If other people don’t like or respect that…well, to quote my Mom, “they can go take a flying leap!” It used to be hard for me to say “No.” I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or let them down. But, what about hurting my own feelings? What about letting myself down?
  4. Don’t compare or worry about what others think of your work. Do your own thing. Nobody else can do YOU the way you can. I believe we each have our specific dreams/desires for a reason, and that we CAN accomplish them. Keep your eyes on the prize!

After 100 posts – Big respect for people who blog consistently and strive to produce well-written content. It’s tough!

After 100 posts – I realize I am going to have to use everything above to submit my book proposal before my birthday next week… the new goal I set at BlogathonATX last week.

I want to thank you all for sticking around, sharing, and commenting.

Big love! Muchas Gracias! Cheers!

XO Donna


6 thoughts on “Eyes on the Prize

    • …and that means you weren’t proud to say you knew me before???
      Only kidding!
      Thank you, Gary. It’s always nice to know that you’re “out there!”

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