3 Kinds of clean

I “kind of” knew this, but this turkey really came home to roost (am I mixing metaphors?) as I cleaned the house for the real estate photos being taken today.

There’s Level 1 Clean- it’s the clean we keep our home for ourselves on a daily basis. I am comfortable here unless I have friends coming to visit. Then I get after it until it’s at Level 2 Clean. If you have a cleaning person come to your house, you get to Level 2 every, or perhaps every other, week.
If not…it’s the clean you do for your folks or in-laws. Or before the house-keeper comes. I don’t want to have a housekeeper. I’m kinda like Monk in that way. I can’t stand the thought of someone else having to clean up after me.

Touching my stuff. imageEeewww.

Today I had to clean all the way to a Level 3 Clean. That’s what you do for visiting dignitaries. None of our everyday stuff is on the counters. Every single surface in the house is polished. Every dust mote has been banished. Everything is Architectural Digest sleek, sexy, gleaming! The photos for the brochure and online advertising will be gorgeous. I was so excited when the photographer let me look through her lens. Wow….

My joy was short-lived because I realize we are going to have to keep it at Level 3 Clean the whole time it’s on the market. I pray that my premonition that it sells before it even hits the market is true. I can’t live like this…

XO Donna

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