Lady Liberty

imageWhat a treat – a long weekend. Time for leisurely pursuits, friends and family gatherings, American food and barbeques, and best of all…fireworks! I love the 4th of July.

I’ve always been a sucker for The Statue of Liberty, ever since the first time I saw her as a kid on a field trip to NYC. I loved her promise of fresh starts and new beginnings…if you show up and work for it.

That’s the way it is in our personal growth, too. If you want to change, or grow, or  fulfill a dream, you must first believe it’s possible. You must become an immigrant to a richer world. Picture yourself being there. Then do all of the necessary work. And last, get out of  your own way. Allow your faith – in your God,  The Universe, or your Self to carry you along to where you want to be. To experience what you want to experience.

Break away from what others say is, or isn’t possible. Break away from fear and self-doubt. Break away from old thoughts, useless beliefs, and expectations.

Risk it all for what you truly desire in your life.  That’s what made this country…and what has made this country great!

XO Donnaimage

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