Sacred Love

As I write this I am listening to Sting’s “Sacred Love.”  I am a jumble of emotions today; my heart’s on my sleeve and I’m both excited, and on the verge of tears. Joy and sadness. Memories and new beginnings. Life is happening.

Today is my mother Evelyn’s  birthday, she would have been 83.  Last night her first Great-Grandchild was born. My beautiful niece Roxy (whose name is a nod to both my Mom’s middle name – Roxanne, and to Brian Ferry’s Roxy Music) had a precious baby boy last night!

MAC newbornMeet Mario Alexander Carranza.  He’ll be called Alex for short. (I lobbied for MAC, but nobody took me seriously!) He weighs 7 lb. 3 oz. and is 20.5″ long.  We had all hoped that he’d be born today, on Mom’s birthday…but if she had anything to do with the turnings of the Universe, she made sure he’d have his very own day!

This now makes my youngest sister, Elizabeth, the first of us to be a Grandmother. Of course, we could all tease her about it, (there are 5 girls in my family) but I don’t thinkFairy Godmothers there’s going to be any teasing…I think we are all awestruck!

This is the closest I’ll get to being a grandmother…so, I will gladly play the role of Great-Aunt, or Fairy Godmother, whatever is needed. I keep picturing my sisters and myself standing at the end of the baby’s bassinet, staring like we’ve never seen a baby before. But, this is different, he’s OURS!

I know that my niece will be a wonderful mother. If she’s got any questions, my sister will be a doting Grandmother, and there will be four more Aunties waiting in the wings. Or maybe just three…and one Fairy Godmother!

MAC 18 ours oldHappy Birthday, Mom! And welcome to planet Earth, Mario Alexander Carranza! 

XO Donna

9 thoughts on “Sacred Love

  1. Carole

    Hey Donna- Congratulations on your grand nephew – you will make a fabulous fairy godmother. Hope to see you soon – lunch sounds good to me .

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