Material Girl

As we get to the finish line on our house…. it’s remodeled, upgraded and repaired as much as we are willing to do – we can finally downsize, kick-back and relax!  I won’t have to keep 4 bathrooms clean. Someone else can rake leaves, sweep acorns off of the porch (over and over and over again) and maintain the lawns, pool and gardens. I think I always wanted to “want to garden.”  But the truth is, I only work at it so things will look pretty. 

Where was I going with this?  Oh, yes. Downsizing. Cleaning closets.  And the box of fabrics that I have been dragging around for at least 20 years!

I really love fabric. I grew up hanging around my father’s interior design store, where they also did upholstery on site. My father and I shared a love of the exotic and the modern. Downstairs was the upholstery shop, and there were racks of textiles and exquisite fabrics. It was the 60’s and I loved to sew vests with long fringe from the embroidered fabrics, or tapestries, that he’d bring home for me to wear with my bell bottoms. It was long ago…

Material GirlCleaning out the linen closet today, I looked at my box full of patterns and pages torn from magazines as inspiration, and large swaths of batik fabrics from Indonesia. Two pieces are gifts from an ex-lover who proposed marriage (safely knowing I didn’t want to be married) before moving to Jakarta. He sent me these beautiful pieces, then broke up with me long-distance, via telephone. The fabrics definitely turned out to be the better end of the deal! 

The floral on the bottom is a traditional print worn by the royal family in Indonesia. It was brought to me by Grace, a much-loved client, who has since passed away.  With the fashion trend now being exotic fabrics, I think the time may be right to sit down and sew again.  I won’t have the gardening, or as much house-keeping to do, so I will have time to sew some sexy Palazzo pants (pictured) and  bias-cut skirts. I dream of sheer, floaty tunics and a maxi-dress.

I’m just hoping that sewing doesn’t end up like gardening…something I want to want to do!

XO Donna

2 thoughts on “Material Girl

  1. P. Lynn

    I empathize with the desire to downsize…I wanted to want to live in a three floor, 3,000 square foot house on a farm. I have come to find lately that it is really the barn I want. I love to clean the stalls and gather eggs. The house has become an entity destined to keep me from doing what I have come to love. I am learning to be content to leave some dust on the raised panel on the elaborate stairway and commune with my laying hens. The gentle nicker of my horse as I approach the paddock gives me joy. Downsizing? Yes; I find myself thinking that I really only need the first floor of the house. I guess I will have to see how this plays out.

    • It’s good to finally figure out where your joy lies, isn’t it! A barn, hens, and a horse all sound wonderful and warm to me!
      Have you ever thought about blogging? I love the way you write!
      XO Donna

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