Desk Job

Tuesday: You would think I’d have this handled by now, but you’d be wrong.  Although I’ve written a few articles on organizing, I can’t seem to organize my desk!  After my interview with Bobbi McKay last week, I was inspired (another word for “jealous as hell!”) by her serene jewelry studio, and decided to quit buying into the myth that “we-artsy-types-are-more-chaotic,” since she is both artful and orderly. I have seen the enemy, and he…is me!

  1. I am preparing my taxes, and can’t find anything!
  2. Even though I’ve written it, I don’t know where that first draft is.
  3. We are downsizing in order to move, and I can’t move a bunch of junk.
  4. I know I paid that bill….where did I put that receipt?
  5. I dream of an orderly desk;  everything clearly marked and within easy reach! Can I get there in 48 hours?  We’ll see.  Here is my before: 

Disaster Desk

Wednesday:  I have recycled so much stuff.  WHY was I hanging onto it?  I also looked through boxes of photos and organized them, a trip down Memory Lane. Important papers are in folders, and the folders are in a basket. My inbox is empty except for what is pressing right now. And my blank notepads are neatly waiting for inspiration.  I had some beautiful desk organizers under all of that mess, but who could find them?   And I got to laugh at myself – most people put family photos in their office…I have both a photo of my therapist and a cup of latte!Bookcase Better  Thursday afternoon:  Mission accomplished!  My desk is gleaming (It’s a 1920’s bent-bamboo;  Art-Deco I think?) with it’s fresh coat of lemon oil. It’s all beautifully organized now, in a way that makes sense to me.  That’s very important for each of us to figure out:  How do you use your space?  Organize your files? Pay your bills? Work best online?  Make it work for you – or you won’t work there!  Desk Corner

I’ve lit a candle (that I found under the mess) to celebrate my newfound Neatnik status, and it feels kinda sexy. If I can organize 10 years worth of clutter in 48 hours, think what you can do. Let me know!

XO Donna

6 thoughts on “Desk Job

  1. Christina

    This made me laugh right out loud as I can relate. I’m going through the same messy desk problem….and I’m a neat freak!!!

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