Picture This

Holiday photos….

Group Holiday Sweater photo

some of you love this, and some dread it. I’m going to give you six sure-fire ways to  say, “Cheese!”  without it being a cheesy affair!

This photo, which The Chicago Tribune called “an all-out team blitz of holiday awfulness” is our don’t.   Unless, of course, you go in for this sort of thing. If that’s the case, skip my blog this week,  do what you wish, and I’ll see you next week!

If you want to look great, maybe even sexy, it takes just a little bit of coordination to be immortalized in style.  Start here:

  1. Choose a color scheme that everyone in the portrait agrees on. It could be red tops, black tops, black & white, or denim.  If you are going to wear prints, keep them on the small side so they don’t overwhelm you.  (Note: Pastels generally wash everyone out, and are not autumn/winter tones.  Save them for springtime.)
  2. A v-neck is flattering, and can be sexy, on every woman. In general, so are cowl necklines.
  3. It’s cold out, but I’ll say it anyway: wear sleeves. Unless you work out and have upper-arms that you’re really proud to show off, a 3/4 sleeve, or long sleeves will look best!   (Men – sleeveless is never an option!)
  4. Wear a touch more make-up than normal. Use a bit of under-eye cover-cream, lots of mascara, a fluff of powder and some blush and color on your lips. If you color your hair, have it done. You want to look and feel your very best!
  5. Wear heels:  They give a you a boost of confidence, and make your derrierre and legs look fantastic…as do sheer, black hose.
  6. Keep your accessories simple and elegant: Wear chic jewelry, beautiful belts, and polished shoes or boots.

family_portraits_dressed_sameThese family portraits all work because of the thought and planning that went into them beforehand.

Besides providing visual continuity, the unified colors also create a unity among the people in the photo. 

 And isn’t that what it’s all about in the first place?

XO  Donna

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