Everything’s coming up roses

It’s the middle of summer, and here in Texas, it’s hotter than Hades….although I wonder if that is even remotely possible? 

I’ve learned to do everything early.  I had my coffee, went for a walk (chose to skip out on the BIG hill and back-tracked , rather than climb Mt. Everest after only being awake for 20 minutes. Can you blame me?)  I hand-watered all of the plants,  then trimmed some leggy sage-relative that looks pretty, but smells like cat-pee. Watered my Mexican feather grasses which have spread like beautiful blond hair (very highly-overprocessed blond hair, but still ).  Coffee. Check. Walk. Check. Gardening. Check. Paperwork for the salon. Check.  Now it’s my time. I can write, daydream, read, be inspired, lift weights (still on the agenda for today). 

rose pantsRoses. Oh, I have none. Not in my garden anyway. But I do have a new pair of pants that are rose printed and seem like something from the 60’s!  They are slim, ankle-length, smooth polished-cotton. They beg for a pair of kitten heels, a pointy bra under a close-fitting sweater, and a little chiffon scarf around the neckline.  They won’t get that, but I intend to wear them tonight to a benefit hosted by a young friend, Daniel who is an example of courage, perseverance, and a positive attitude!  Not long after he was injured on Memorial Day 2 years ago, all of his friends (and I can tell you without doubt that Daniel is well-loved !)  got together and threw a benefit to help defray his medical costs. The following year, Daniel threw the bash himself, with a little help from his friends, and “paid it forward,” helping others who were going through what he had gone through!  He is a regular at the Seton Brain & Spine Recovery Center, and a mentor to others at the ICU at University Medical Center Brackenridge.  

Like birds of a feather, flocking together, tonight’s party will have the coolest chefs, mixologists, bakers, candymakers and musicians (RoTel and the Hot Tomatoes) in town! The second “Pay it Forward with Daniel Curtis” benefit  is at the University of Texas AT&T Conference Center and benefits the Lone Star Paralysis Foundation. If you are free at 7:00 pm, come by!  For tickets and donations: www.Lonestarparalysis.org

I will be having a date with my sweetheart, catching up with my BFF, Holly (who is Daniel’s mom) and celebrating Daniel, who reminds me to make the most of what I have, always be grateful, and give, give, give!   I think a pair of rose-printed pants are the perfect reminder that life, like a rose bush, can have some pretty sharp thorns…but the flowers and their delicious perfume make it well worth it!

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