Here comes the sun

austinbigWe’ve had a remarkable spring here in Austin, Texas! It’s been cool, cloudy and rainy…some people are even complaining that it feels like Seattle. As if!  It feels like the good old days. The days before the drought that has lasted for years, began. The grass is green. The plants are flowering. The vines are snaking their way up trees, across fence tops and twining all through their trellises, and the smell of Star Jasmine fills the air. Pretty. Magnificent.

(Amazing photo by Debra Lineberger, 2012)

But…the sun will come out tomorrow. Or later this afternoon. It will burn off the clouds and will be just-what-everyone-needs, for a while. Then it will become hot. Unbearably hot.  XXX Texas hot!

The point of this is that May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and this is a friendly reminder. Skin cancer is the most preventable type of cancer…if you take precautions and protect yourself. Sunscreen is your friend! And avoiding the sun between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. when the sun’s rays are the strongest is a good idea. Get your exercize in early…which is when it’s coolest here, anyway.

For you younger people: Mr. Sun dissolves collagen and elastin in the skin. These are the elements that keep your skin smooth, full, and wrinkle-free. Working on your tan ages you faster. And trust me, it all comes fast enough!

For we ‘sexy-past-sixties’: let’s circle-the-wagons, and minimize any further damage.

For everyone: Remember to put sunscreen on your hands whenever you’re out. (We seem to remember our necks, faces and decolletage, but rarely our hands). They will give your age away faster than a jealous cousin!

A broad-spectrum, physical sun-block (containing zinc-oxide or titanium dioxide) is best at protecting you from UVA and UVB rays. (A = aging. B = burning).  You should wear sunscreen every day, whether it’s sunny, partly cloudy, or cloudy. Whether you’re running errands for a few minutes, or playing a game of tennis mid-morning!   It is NOT a myth that the left side of your face ages faster from driving because of accumulated sun exposure coming through the window of your car! And your hands – Mr. Sun is shining on them as they grasp the steering wheel to get you where you’re going – please protect them.

CLINIQUE CCThe easiest way I have found to protect my skin daily is by adding a CC cream on top of my sunscreen.  Yes, I’m still pushing BB/CC creams…if only I could get one of them to sponsor me!  I love them, I believe in them, I use them!  If you have a favorite make-up line, see if they formulate a BB or CC cream. If not, go to Sephore or Ulta and ask someone there for a recommendation based on  your skin type, and how you want the cream to feel. Dewey, (no, not Donald Duck’s nephew) and moist, or a powdery finish. Super lightweight, or more coverage. Try them on. A quick perusal of Sephora’s website revealed BB and CC creams from:  Clinique, Urban Decay, Sephora’s own, Boscia, Bobbi Brown, Dr. Brandt, Shisheido, Peter Thomas Roth and many, many more!  

What is the difference between a BB and a CC cream, you ask?  Well, BB creams are lighter (generally) than foundations, provide coverage + skin care benefits such as an SPF and anti-oxidants, depending on the brand. CC stands for Color Correcting – useful for correcting redness and sallowness by utilizing light-reflecting particles. They are generally more lightweight on the skin, with a fluffier feel. Think of them as an improved version of the BB creams that can be even better for mature skin!

Here’s a great link from Allure:  umbrella drink

For now, I will continue enjoying this cool weather and it’s verdant results…but I know, some like it hot!  Get ready by applying your sunscreen, adding some CC cream and a luscious lip gloss, find a shady spot and stick a little umbrella in your cocktail! 

XO Donna

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