Well heeled

Since I stand on my feet all day I love comfortable shoes. And since I don’t want to look like I’ve “given up,” I also love stylish shoes. (It takes a little more work to find that perfect combination).  I know what DOESN”T WORK, and fortunately, that leaves a lot of sexy options for what does. I see so many clients come in wearing shoes that can ruin a whole outfit, so I thought I’d give you clear guidelines on what shoes not to wear!

Plain White SneakerThis is a sneaker. It goes with athletic wear and is worn to the gym, to the trail, to your tennis lessons. It doesn’t matter how comfortable it is….it should not be worn with slacks, a skirt, or worst of all, capris!  There is nothing sexy about this with everyday clothes. The only thing worse would be to buy them in black thinking that it would “go with more of yourBlk Skecher MaryJane clothes.”  Unless you are a nun, remember…we are talking sexy here. And these are not. There are options out there for stylish, sneaker-like shoes that will go with jeans, khakis, simple slacks and shorts and still keep you looking your best. I like these by Skecher, for example.

Ugly RedThe next thing I see a lot are  slide-on ‘comfort sandals’. And I’ll bet they’re comfortable, but they are not chic. Or sexy. I promise that you will find comfort and style if youPretty Red Sandal just do some exploring.  Perhaps they will cost a bit more, but they should last and keep you looking great for years! Look for a shoe that is a classic twist on what’s currently trendy. There are many sandals that will look just right on your foot shape, ankle shape and at the height you are comfortable with.  See the difference in these two red sandals, for example. 

And last, but not least, the classic ballet flat. I know lots of women wear them, but the traditional rounded toe isn’t sexy. Yes, I said it. A pointy toe adds just a touch of “hipness”.  And that’s just the beginning; to that pointy toe you can add a small heel,  a bit of embellishment, a wild print. I noticed that when I see rounded-toes on young women, it works. When I see rounded-toes on women our age it’s…matronly. I chose these as a starting point, and there were many more to choose from!   BigBlueBalletflat

I hope this has been fun for you, and given you some ideas!  If you go shopping and find something you love, feel free to share a comment and a photo. I’d love to see what you got, and how it fits your sexy-past-sixty style!

XO Donna

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