After spending the last six months recuperating, my energy is returning and my mind is busy searching for a project. Something to make. Something pretty and shiny. Something to share.

In order to free my mind, first I needed to clean out my closet, yet again and make space for that idea to come to me. I hate clutter.

I realized two things as I sorted through my clothes: first, I have lots of clothes I thought would be great for “retirement,” but I don’t like them anymore. They feel baggy now, and frumpy to me.
And the other thing is that the clothes I want to wear, and add to my closet, seem to be clothes for a lifestyle I don’t have.

Those clothes are more appropriate for a city-slicker on-the-go, than for living in Sun City, Texas.

I made a large donation pile that went to our local Goodwill, and I made a “sell on Poshmark” pile. You can’t recoup your money here, not even close, and not even on clothes that still have their tags on them, or have simply never been worn (why do I do still that?) but it is an excellent way of recycling good clothes and getting a couple of dollars for them.
My last pile is going to the tailors to be taken in and up. That’ll give me more options for now, and I haven’t even dug through winter clothes yet!

My next project was to finally choose a paint color for our bedroom, and maybe our bathroom. And maybe the guest bath, too. Our interior throughout is a lovely golden-tan that changes shades all day with the sunlight. Except in our bedroom – which abuts the screened porch, so it’s always dark-ish. I don’t like golds anyway (not my color) so without the benefit of sunlight, the color looks murky to me, especially in the corners.

I used to love to paint, was tidy and efficient, and became good at it after a professional friend gave me a couple of lessons. But it’s been ten years since I’ve painted a room. My sweetie wanted nothing to do with the project, he thinks the color is fine. It’s obvious we see color differently (men and women do, but that’s another blog). In order to get some visual aids to show him my idea, I bought stick and remove wall paint samples from Sherwin Williams. On their website, go to SAMPLIZE to order 12″ x 12″ squares of the actual paint colors for $6.00 each.

My first choice was a Greige, but it turned out to be the same murky tone as the gold when on the wall. I also ordered Shoji White and Alabaster White, wanting to keep them warm-ish. The clear winner is the Shoji White in an eggshell finish. You can see Agreeable Grey and Shoji White above. Now I really need to get that portrait by my friend Lory framed!

Although he doesn’t want to help paint – and that’s okay – when he sees how much fun I’m having, I’m sure he’ll roll up his sleeves and jump in! I’m not planning to begin painting right away, I’ll wait till the weather is cooler, but I feel like I’ve accomplished something, and now have a pretty and shiny new bedroom to look forward to by finally making a decision.

And last, the idea that finally arrived, and the one I am most excited about… the “something pretty to share” project: I am opening an online shop in ETSY where I will have some of my favorite photographs from the last 25 years available as “Fine Art” archival prints, “Fine Art” archival canvas, some “Fun Art” canvas, and packs of beautiful blank-inside greeting cards just waiting for your words.
For the cards, I’m beginning with a flower series, and have added four images below. I love that shy sunflower. The site will be called “Fairview by Donna O’Klock” and I will let you all know all the details in my next post!

My birthday is in just 16 days, and it’s one I worried I wouldn’t reach… I am glad that I always took good care of myself so that I could now join other women who are in their 70’s, and 60’s, and still chomping at the bit for something new and creative to do, to offer. Reinventing ourselves again.

Love you all, and thank you for reading,
XO Donna

16 Saucy Questions – Gina Waterfield

I know I’ve confessed this before, but maybe not to you…I’m nosy!  Investigative reporter nosy. Wish-I-could-look-in-your-closet-and-medicine-cabinet nosy. I also love to know what makes some women so sexy. I created these questions as a socially acceptable way to satisfy my curiosity…


Better GinaMeet Gina Waterfield, from right here in Austin, TX.  Trust me when I tell you that she is a force to be reckoned with!

She’s an artist by nature: a painter, a photographer, a stylist, and a great cook. She writes beautiful, evocative prose. She’s a certified Reiki practitioner and a yoga instructor. And she dresses more stylishly and fashion-forward  than anyone else I know.  Add to all of that: she’s the mother of  five grown children, and has 8 1/2 grandchildren!

I can’t wait for the book she’s working on to come out, so I can learn more of her stylish secrets.  She’s recuperating from rotator-cuff surgery, so we talked, joked, and laughed by telephone over this first-ever version of “Saucy Questions,”  which Gina kindly agreed to answer.  After looking at her responses, I realized that one of the biggest components of living a sexy life at any age is passion!  (And perhaps a great pair of heels…)

  1. Favorite cocktail?   Dirty Martini (vodka)
  2. Heels or flats?    Oh, heels. Especially kitten heels
  3. Pajamas, t-shirt, or au natural?    Skin is always in!
  4. Carnivore, veggie, or vegan?    Carnivore
  5. Exercise: Consistent or irregular?    Consistent
  6. Shopping – Love or Hate?    Love it!
  7. Cooking –  Love or hate?    Love
  8. Washing dishes –  Love or hate?    Love
  9. Biggest goal this year, in one word?    Book
  10. Favorite movie?    Whale Rider
  11. Favorite genre of books?    Self-help
  12. Hobbies?     My whole life is my passionate hobby!
  13. Favorite thing to do on Saturday night, in two words?   Date night
  14. Beach or Mountains?    The mountains have been calling me lately
  15. Fly or drive?    Drive
  16. What would your Last Supper be?    Surf & Turf, a Frisee Salad (made with grapes, walnuts, bleu cheese) and silky Panna Cotta.

(photo credit: Maria Gatling)

I hope you enjoyed this peek into Gina’s closet  exciting life. I certainly did!

XO Donna