Not Just a Country Song

imageI woke up this morning trying to remember the lyrics to a song that friends were singing at a birthday party two weeks ago. All I could remember was the refrain: “Younger women, faster horses, more money and older whiskey.”

Today’s my birthday, and I realize that I can’t be a younger woman – but I am happy right where I am. I can certainly be young-at-heart and in body/mind/spirit!  As my delightful friend Lee (she just turned 90) said at our lunch on Tuesday, “Honey, you can be old at 30 or young at 90. Your choice!”

Faster horses speaks to the need for excitement and adventure in our lives. I know too many people who have no sense of either. Too bad.  You can always expand your horizons and try new things, go new places. My sweet friend, Nancy, took up Tai Chi and Qui Gong in her 80’s.

More money…well, yeah. There are ways to do that, I leave it to you to find one that works for you. Get inspired. There are lots of books on how to create/allow more money into your life. There are many ways, many teachers.

Older whiskey, indeed. I’ll drink to that! I believe that as we get older we can grow to appreciate the finer things in life. We value quality over quantity. Or, we finally realize that we are worthy of them!

Oscar Wilde said, “I’m a man of simple tastes. I’m always satisfied with the best.”

Think personal best here, and don’t settle. When my Mom used to visit, she always loved the delicious, fresh-ground coffee I made in the mornings. However, when she returned home, she would never give herself permission to spend the money. She settled for inexpensive, canned coffee.  Let yourself have “the good stuff” you love. Scrimp on something else. You’re worth it!

On my 63rd birthday I know for sure that it’s not about the years in your life, it’s about the life in  your years! It’s about living in the moment, being grateful for the life you’ve created, and realizing that you are special…just because you ARE HERE!

All of that from a country song…

XO Donna

I hate rules

Unless they make sense to me. Then I am cooperative, part of the solution rather than part of the problem. Guidelines are okay. But rules…I need to know who made them up, and why? What’s in it for them? What’s in it for me?

imageQuestion things. (Especially yourself!) Don’t buy the party line. Go find answers for yourself. Continually seeking, learning and growing will keep you engaged and young-at-heart. Great underwear will keep you sexy. As will not following all of the rules for fear of what others will think.

As irony would have it, this week I have been inundated with lists of “rules-to-live-by” from friends. Knowing how I feel about rules, you can predict how I feel about lists of rules.

Some of them were great, especially if I chose to call them guidelines rather than rules. Some of them were way too black & white. Some were sappy crap. Some were important, wise reminders. And one was x-rated, hysterical, tears-rolling-down-my-face funny!  (I’ve posted the link for that below)

Since everyone’s making lists, I’d like to present you with my own list:

  1. Eat healthy food 85% of the time. Always drink lots of water.
  2. You can only love others as much as you love yourself.
  3. Don’t do things out of obligation, or fear of what people will think of you.
  4. Throw out your ugly panties. Wear a bra that fits properly. You’re a goddess.
  5. Give out what you’d like to receive. Karma can be a bitch, baby.
  6. Dream BIG. Takes chances. It can turn out even better than you imagine!
  7. Take care of yourself FIRST in order to take care of others.
  8. Don’t compare and don’t judge. Allow yourself to be inspired instead.
  9. Let go of the past. Except happy memories. Be here now.
  10. We will get older, (dammit) but we don’t have to get old. That’s just a mindset


The x-rated list is here:

XO Love, Donna