One hundred years ago, today, Warner Brothers Studio was founded. The four Warner brothers were Russian Jewish immigrants whose father brought them to America because they weren’t allowed to work in their homeland. Although illiterate and uneducated (also something they weren’t allowed) they were sharp and ambitious. Realizing that people liked to see movies – which in 1903 were a new thing, they bought a projector and began showing movies – at 5 cents per person – they soon operated more “Nickelodeons” than anyone in the city. Their business savvy, and their desire to make movies themselves, led to the creation of Warner Brothers Pictures on April 4, 1923.
The studio became known for making movies that portrayed “social realism,” addressing such things as anti-Semitism, war-time atrocities, horrible prison conditions, and in 1938 they made the first explicitly anti-Nazi movie, which resulted in Germany banning all films made in America.

In 1942 they made one of my favorite movies: Casablanca. Humphrey Bogart was one of their contract players, and Ingrid Bergman was new to acting. I was surprised (shocked) to find out that Ronald Regan and Ann Southern were considered for the parts… Good call, Warner brothers! Tonight, to celebrate, we are watching Casablanca again. I know I will never tire of it.
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This is a busy week for everyone! Tomorrow begins Passover, and I’m still in newish-Jewish mode. Learning about my heritage through cooking… and through that food, seeing the interconnectedness of us all through the ages. To all of my Jewish readers – I’m grateful for your presence in my life on Passover, and always!

Thursday, the 6th brings the full Moon – she’s the element that ties all of these religious observations together. I’ve been a Moonchild since I was an infant. Her constancy has been something I have counted on my whole life. I make a point to mark every month to go outside to greet the Moon, ponder her influence on us, and our planet. I still buy paper calendars each year so that I can have the phases of the Moon marked out for me, a digital calendar just won’t do. So, if it isn’t a habit you normally have, go outside and look up tomorrow night. Say, “Hello, Moon!”

This Sunday the 9th is Easter. We’ve been invited to a lovely (and I know it will be a delicious) dinner with family and extended family. I count myself lucky to again be included in, and surrounded by women who love to cook.
To all of my Christian readers – I wish you all a Happy Easter filled with Peace and Joy.

Wishing you all a chance to dress up, eat too much chocolate, turn off the news, and spend precious time visiting with family, friends, and tribe
XO Donna

6 thoughts on “WATCH PARTY

    • Great picks! African Queen would be my preference over It’s a Wonderful Life… edging it out of the top three. But with so many greats to watch, how does one pick? Thanks for reading. Donna

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