Stage Fright

I’m certain it’s just stage fright, nothing more. I’ve been working toward this day for more than two years, but if truth be told, it’s really closer to fifty years. My first book, Sick & Tired. . .and Sexy! Living Beautifully with Chronic Illness is finally finished and almost ready to go to the publisher.

I’m touching up the Introduction. I’ve finished the Table of Contents, the Resources, the back cover, and the Acknowledgements. Then I’ll need to know my final word count. And, of course I’m worried that I’ve forgotten someone important. Now I know why Oscar winners ramble on and on and on for fear of leaving someone critical to their success out. Like their husband, or wife, or the director.

imageRight now there is so much stuff cluttering my desk that I can’t find what I need, and I’m having a teeny-tiny panic-attack. All I can think about is having an Old Fashioned with a Luxardo cherry.

Maybe I should take more time and work on it for another month or two so it will be perfect. Or maybe it would be even better to just rewrite the whole thing? Aaarrggh!

Okay, I’m fine. I have to get back to it now. I’m pretty sure I’ll have good news for you next week. Wish me luck.

XO Donna


4 thoughts on “Stage Fright

  1. karen kazel

    I’m wishing you luck. It will be awesome. Can’t wait to read it and I haven’t read a book in probably 30 years. I’m lucky I have time to read a magazine article but I will be waiting to read your book….smooches!

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