Love List

imageMy Bucket Love List.

Most people have a “bucket list”. . .but I have never wanted to call it that because I feel that the implication is you want to cram these things in before you die. You know, as in kick the proverbial bucket.
After much thought, I decided to call my list the Love List, as in a list of places I’d love to see, or see again. They are places I want to visit for either relaxation, adventure and educational, or spiritual purposes.

My Love List has one huge qualifier on it though, we must be able to drive there since we are buying a motor home.
Tahiti and BoraBora? Out!
Paris and Cannes? Non!
Key West? Can do!

For me, well, I should say for us since I’m not doing this alone, the journey has always been as important as the destination. Who knows what wonderful things will happen along the way? Who knows what wonderful new friends you may make along the way? And who knows what great conversation might lead to Another Roadside Attraction that you knew Hermit_Crabnothing about?

That’s the thing I like best about the idea of having an RV – the freedom to allow ourselves to surrender to serendipity, to have no schedule to keep, or agenda to meet.   No planes to catch, cars to rent, luggage to lug around. Like a hermit crab, we have what we need right there with us.

Did someone order a gorgeous, cool sunrise with a side of coffee and a warm shawl? Check!
Would you prefer a balmy evening complete with a palm tree,  sunset, and a cocktail? Check!
Bare legs, flip-flops, and a can of insect repellent? Double-check!

Our RV will also be equipped with a  very comfortable fold-out bed (not an oxymoron anymore) so that friends can come visit for a while. It will also have an extra bath. We want them to have a really great time when they come see us.
Actually, we hope to get them hooked!

Maybe that’s what a “Diesel-Pusher” actually is after all. . .

XO Donna

P.S. – Do you have a favorite destination that’s a bit off the beaten path? Let me know in a comment, please. I’d love to go!

4 thoughts on “Love List

  1. Karen, I will go anyplace called Paris! It is on the list, now.
    Many RV manufacturers make models with a bath +1/2 and we were so pleased to find this out. Tiffin and Fleetwood are the two we are looking at. XO

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