It’s too hot

…to go out and play. Actually, to go out and do anything at all in the afternoon.
I don’t even have the energy to walk over to the beautiful pool at our imageapartments.

I’ve been staying indoors, daydreaming about running away to cooler climes, watching a new series (to me) on Netflix and getting a lot of writing done.

And that’s great news for me. After wondering where I was going to find the motivation to get back to work on my book, I woke up two days ago and did a word count. I was excited to realize that I was  more than halfway there! Since then I’ve been adding a couple of thousand words a day. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s NOT a train!

imageSpeaking of trains – the Netflix series we have been enjoying is “Hell on Wheels.” It’s a down-and-dirty Western about the building of the Trans-Pacific railroad in the wild west. It’s a bit more realistic than I’d like – I have a weak stomach when it comes to bloodshed, but I look away.  The lead actors are engaging and very sexy. Can you say “smoldering?”  The costuming, hair and makeup are wonderful and the series is deliciously character driven.

We also enjoyed Lillehammer with Steven Van Zandt (of both Bruce Springsteen’s E-Street Band and The Sopranos fame). In the series a mob guy gets a new identity and a relocation to Sweden – where his darkness and chaos are a stark contrast to all that freezing brightness and order.

And speaking of that, freezing sounds good right about now.
XO Donna


4 thoughts on “It’s too hot

  1. christinabaker710

    I guess I left Austin at the right time. I left August 1st when it hit 100. I guess the temperature didn’t move since then. I’ll have to check out Hell on Wheels. It sounds great!!

    • Yes, Christina, you sure did! And, yes, check it out. As a friend said yesterday, “I’ve got two words for you…Cullen Bohannon.”
      You’ll understand after you watch.

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