Face It

MirrorI love the fact that I am getting older, it certainly beats the alternative.  But, it’s not without it’s drawbacks…mostly mirrors!

As I wandered through the drugstore looking for a few products that had been voted “Best of 2013”  by New Beauty Magazine, I thought of Catherine Deneuve’s famous quote:  “After a certain age, you have to be ready to trade your ass for your face.”

Meaning the slimmer we are, the more it will show up on our faces.  So, we can carry an extra 10 pounds to keep our faces full, or we can keep our weight down and have our face look a little bit drawn.  Tough choice!

New Beauty Magazine caught my eye because I had never seen it before, and the cover promised Anti-Aging Innovations and Breakthroughs.   Their first, and foremost point: You Are What You Eat!  They advise us to adhere to an “anti-inflammatory diet” to improve skin, and heal it from the inside-out.  When you eat heavy, processed, sugary foods they make your skin dull and puffy.  Eating fresh foods with a high water-content:  veggies, berries and water-rich fruits are the best choice.

Green tea can boost your health, too. It’s rich in anti-oxidants that help fight inflammation and defend against cavity-causing bacteria, and it boosts the health of our teeth and gums while fending off bad breath.  These are all important aspects of staying sexy!

GIRAFFA CAMELOPARDIS PERALTANora Ephron wrote a great book of essays called, “I Feel Bad About My Neck: And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman.”  I can relate to her anguish over her neck, and I hate to think that mine would have looked worse if I hadn’t exercized all of these years!  With that as my driving force, I read everything I could find on Ultherapy, a new non-invasive neck and chin-lift.  It’s FDA-cleared, and uses ultrasound to stimulate the production of collagen. (Another reason our skin looses firmness – we lose about 1 teaspoon of collagen from our faces each year after age  30).   While I’m impressed with the results and reviews, I will need to buy a piggy-bank and save up. The cost averages around $3,000. 

Until my piggy-bank is full, the winner of the best Neck Firming Cream is Perricone MD Cold Plasma Sub-D.  It’s a DMAE and caffeine-infused formula that claims to firm saggy skin and improve the neck, chin and decollete area. Reviewers said they had a healthier and firmer appearance overall.  Cost:  $135.00 which won’t break that bank!

  downward dogAnother way to improve the health of the skin on our faces and necks is Yoga!  The inverted poses provide reverse blood-flow giving skin both nutrients and oxygen. Take that, gravity! Yoga also helps decrease stress, increase flexibility, and calm the nervous system. All of which are  great ways to stay sexy.

I remember seeing the magnificent Katherine Hepburn on TV one night, and she was asked for words of wisdom on aging.  I was on the edge of my seat to hear what she would offer!  She smiled, and her head wobbling as it does, she said, “Your body rots, and it’s a goddamned shame!”

You know…it does, and it is.  So have fun.  Learn to love yourself. Eat well. And do the best you can with what you’ve been given.  An attitude of gratitude, an open smile, and some beautiful lipgloss will go a long way!

XO Donna

Not everyone can have DDs…

Only because they are not available yet. But, they are coming, right after the CCs get here! 

“Donna, what are you talking about?” you’re asking right about now. “Surely, not boobs…”

No, not boobs!  I’m talking about DD Creams – brand-new daily defense creams designed for the feet and body. They have a heavy-duty texture and reparative properties….perfect for our dry climate (except that today it’s finally raining in Texas again. Hallelujah!)  I’ve been reading about them, but can’t find any available online yet.chanel cc cream

I learned about them as I was researching CC Creams.  These are Color Control Creams: a skin-care/makeup hybrid that are even lighter in texture and feel than BB creams, and also offer more skin benefits such as;  improving discoloration, being more suitable for oilier skins (not that many of us have that problem as we get a bit older!) having brighteners, spot-diminishers, Asian healing botanicals (green tea, white tea, etc.) and ‘epidermal growth factor’ to stimulate collagen production. The Chanel Color Correction Complete is supposed to be “The Holy Grail of CC creams,” according to www.Totalbeauty.com.  But unless you have a friend who travels to Asia, it’s unavailable in the states for now.  The original CC cream is Rachel K Mineral Color Control, a best-seller in Asia, with an SPF 35, available in two shades, but only on her website. The cost: $39.00 USD.

The first-on-the-shelves here in the States is Olay Total Effects CC Tone Correcting UV Moisturizer available in drugstores for $21.00. It brightens the skin, while providing minimalcc%20cream%20for%20dark%20skin_265x265 coverage and comes in three  shades to work for everyone. It also provides all-day moisturizing, improves discolorations, has essential glucosamine complex and is anti-aging. For those of you who want to look polished and to protect your skin, yet don’t want to fuss, this could be a sexy solution!  And imagine the ease of this while you are on a trip.

And that brings me back to the beginning: BB Creams!  BB Creams were originally created in 1960 by a German dermatologist to protect her patient’s skin after surgery. They became very popular in Asia in the 1980’s and finally came to the Western markets the beginning of last year. BB stands for Beauty Balm; an all-in-one serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation. Some have sunblock, skin-brighteners and anti-wrinkle and anti-inflammatory properties. Some are soothing, some have hyalauronic acid and Vitamin C. And both Smashbox and The Body Shop are cruelty-free!

I never realized how many there were to choose from until I saw this wonderful chart! (and I wish I knew who to give credit to.)BB_Cream_Montage I think an ideal one for “women of a certain age” would have a slight pink tint to add a glow to our complexions!  Out of all of these,  I am sure you will find a wonderful new addition, or a new staple, to your beauty routine. I’m going to the drugstore and try the Olay CC cream today! They are perfect for everyday wear, offering less coverage than foundation and optical-brightening so that skin looks even-toned and fresh.  And, isn’t that exactly what sexy is all about?