Moderation in all things…

Isn’t it wonderful when you visit with a friend and sit laughing over a latte the whole time? 

WaterlogueI met with my friend Sheri this week. We needed to catch up, and she has generously agreed to read through my book proposal for me, to help me look smart in front of an agent! She definitely has the background for it, and she’s learning to become a coach right now, so I feel lucky to have her input!

It was the first day of summer-hot weather here, and I was envious of the lovely sleeveless dress that she wore: it flattered her bombshell figure, and showed all of the work she puts in at the “Y,” and the outfit was topped off with a very stylish fedora.

I joked about being pale and needing a bit of color…I grew up with a surfboad-loving, Beach Boys music, California-girl fantasy. And Sheri lived in California, so she understands! I’m fortunate that both of my parents have genetic backgrounds with skin that tans effortlessly, and no skin cancer anywhere in my family. If it weren’t for the damned wrinkles….

We talked about kids, careers, about a mutual friend who’s a yoga instructor and just had rotator cuff surgery. (Hugs!) We can’t wait for her to heal, be out-and-about, and teach class again. We spoke of all the stuff that makes the world go round. But mostly,  it was wonderful to feel connected, understood, heard.

As she sat there picking half-heartedly at a gluten-free pastry, the conversation turned to food. I have been primarily “Primal” for almost two years now, and Sheri is beginning to explore alternative ways of eating. I was giving her ideas. She joked about being raised by “a fat family who spent all of their time in the kitchen.”  I responded that I spend all of my time in the kitchen, too…”it’s not being in the kitchen that’s the problem, it’s what you put in the pan!”  After we got done laughing, we decided it’d be a great topic for a blog…but, alas, I’m not a food blogger. Maybe one day you’ll see that article here.

Here’s where I went with that though – we all need to take responsibility for ourselves. If we know we need to change something to become healthy: eat differently, exercise, control our diabetes, cut out foods or alcohol to reduce inflammation, when we aren’t doing those things, we need to ask ourselves, “WHY NOT?”

Mostly, because it’s not easy.

It takes intention and attention to thrive. And it takes follow-through. Commitment to stay on the path 80% of the time. And that’s what keeps me on the straight-and-narrow…knowing that it’s ONLY 80% of the time. And, I love the results I get! 

More than twenty years ago, a holistic teacher told me that I could do anything I wanted 20% of the time, as long as I ate well and exercised the other 80%. It has been my motto ever since!  It certainly seems to be a better approach than “all or nothing.”

As Oscar Wilde said, “Moderation in all things, including moderation!” 

XO  Donna

Choose yourself

This will be my first summer, ever, not to wear a bikini. At 61 I’m packing them away and moving into a tankini. Really sad when I have put in the effort to stay fit my whole life…and my skin betrays me!

(To quote an unsympathetic aquaintance, “Quit bitching, I haven’t been able to wear one for 30 years!”   Well, sorry, but did you do the work in order to be able to?)

Now for something completely different: this wonderful poster from (on Facebook, too.) Shot of Tequila

To stay on point, I read an article in InStyle magazine where Salma Hayek said, “You’ve got to take who you are and love who you are and do the best you can with what you’ve got. That goes for the figure, and it goes for everything else.”  She wished she could say that whatever effort she makes, she makes for herself.  And that’s the place I always want to come from…I do this for myself. I eat fresh, healthy food, I exercize and drink a lot less than I’d like to in order to feel well, and keep as clear a mind as is possible!

There are still a lot of things I want to do, and I want to have the energy to do them, and look good in the process!  One of my first  food teachers (going back over 20 years ago) told me that if I ate well 75% of the time, I could do what I wanted the other 25%.

People think I don’t eat…or that I deprive myself. Au contraire!   I just eat real, whole, nutritious food and treat myself to things like enchiladas and margaritas about once a week. I pass on pasta, resist rice, skip spaghetti, and I’ve banished bread (love it…allergic to wheat!).  I don’t drink every day (and I don’t know how I survive!). I eat 70% dark chocolate. And I eat and drink tons of fruit and veggies!  I don’t need to diet….good food is it’s own reward!  If  you want to know more about making some changes, check out: for his Primal Lifestyle.  It’s a great reference and inspirational site. 

If my scale goes up a couple of pounds…too many cocktails, chips and dips…I clean up my act for a few days and I’m feeling good as new. Don’t let that 5 lbs. turn into 10, 20, then 30!  (I know I have some men that read this, shout out to you! )  We are in charge of what we do with our life…there’s a lot of lack-of-responsibility going around these days, and there’s not a damned thing that I find sexy about it!  At this point in time, everyone knows what’s good for us and what’s bad. If we aren’t making those choices, then that’s a choice in itself. Be honest. Or -make a different choice -choose yourself!  Beginning today, become the best you that you can be. It’s never too late to start…if you don’t want next year to be just the same as this one! Always next year Remember to live, love and laugh along the way.  And a shot of tequila wouldn’t hurt, either!


XO Donna