Here’s lookin’ at you

One of my favorite clients came in last week, and as we caught up, sharing holiday stories and deciding what to do with her hair, she told me about how bad she felt she looked in her family ‘s holiday portrait. After admiring her beautiful family and adorable grandson, we were discussing the offending photo, and she said, “Donna, you have to do a blog about how to pose for family pictures!”

Let me set the stage here…Madame X is a beautiful woman. She’s petite and curvy with the flawless complexion and a head of wavy, lustrous, salt & pepper hair that makes me swoon with envy.

The problem in the photo was just her blouse, and her angle. (She confided that the offending blouse was thrown in the trash!)
Here are my “Five Secrets for a Great Photo Every Time.”  You will never need to worry about a “blackmail photo” ever again!

  1. Choose your outfit wisely. Go for structured, form-fitting clothes to create a shape. A v-neckline is flattering to most women, but, it’s not a game of how-low-can-you-go! I love the always-slimming black or dark royal colors paired with statement jewelry that brings attention to the face.  (Choose your undergarments wisely too, because they shape what you’re wearing.)
  2. Anyone can look slimmer by changing their angle. Facing forward toward the camera is unflattering. This pic from illustrates how turning at a 45-degree angle is ideal!image
  3. Keep your chin up and slightly forward. A life-statement as well as a pose. It strengthens our jawline, our neck, and keeps us standing tall.
  4. Breathe through your mouth and smile…to keep your face relaxed.
  5. Own it! This moment with your loved ones will never happen just like this again. Stare directly at the camera, put your hand at your hip, elbow bent, and think, “I’m happy to be here.” It will show on your face…as will “I hate having my picture taken!”

I hope the next time you are all together, you will have planned ahead keeping these things in mind for that moment when the cameras come out.

I know you’re going to love the beautiful results!

XO Donna