Business As Usual

Well, I say that… I certainly have my routines: I walk every other day, I do Nia classes twice a week, I cook every day and bake often- more and more it is sweets, and I do have to lay off them a bit. Or walk a little farther a little faster! Then I watchJeopardy every afternoon and British crime/detective shows after dinner. But I feel bored quite often. Or is it ennui?

RETIREMENT is waking up in the morning with nothing to do and by bedtime only having done half of it.

– Unknown

About that – there are things I can do, and that I tell myself I want to do, but I guess I’m just not bored enough yet to clean out closets for Goodwill, or do my taxes, or get out the sewing machine to sew or tailor a few blouses so they will fit better. And those things weigh on me.

But I also haven’t given myself credit for the things I have done, and I’ve accomplished some things I feel good about;

  • I have been studying Spanish on DuoLingo for more than a year. I had a 346-day streak going, but missed Monday because of an opthamologist appointment that left my eyes too dilated to do anything for hours. My reading and comprehension are much improved, and I understand many of the idioms and nuances of the language. I am now at the point where I need to practice speaking to someone. My friend Holly (who teaches Nia movement classes) does weekly classes on ZOOM with a native speaker. I am ready to sign up. I am also terribly nervous… but, I am sure it will be fun.
    I started DuoLingo with their free APP, but quickly upgraded, as it has so much to offer. For the price, I highly recommend it – I’ve been trying for years to become fluent again.
  • I learned about the HOT GIRL WALK exercise trend. Young girls are doing it, aiming for an hour daily, five days a week. Dressing in cute outfits and accessorizing! What struck me about it though is something we all will benefit from – while walking, “ONLY think about your goals, what you are grateful for, and how “hot” you are.”
    Walking and mindfulness are both great for improved memory and cognition, cardiovascular health, lowering stress and improving mood. Why not do them together AND make it an act of self-love, too!
  • For all of my Jewish friends, I want to wish you a very sweet and Happy New Year! I made my very first matzoh ball soup and it was delicious. I read Ina Garten’s recipe, and Martha Stewart’s recipe, and between my stock in the freezer and the herbs I had on hand, plus ideas from their matzoh recipes, the result was good. Even my sweetie tried it and went back for seconds. That’s saying somethin!
Fluffy and Flavorful.

This involves a friend – and it’s a WARNING about something I’ve never even thought about! A dear friend travels frequently for her job, and carries her vitamins/supplements in a daily pill carrier which she leaves in her room. She’d come home from her trip and was “refilling for next week” when she noticed two black capsules in the two remaining compartments WITH the rest of her supplements. They were not hers, and she didn’t put them there!

She notified the hotel, and the police, and is having them tested. I am so glad she noticed them, rather than just gulping them down!
When I travel again, I will keep my medicine carrier in the safe from now on. I used to just leave it in my carry-on after checking in… no more.

Thanks for reading, let’s all go out there and be HOT! Try new things, cook new things, share new things. Write letters to people to tell them you love them. (My cards are on sale at ) Go travel, have fun, stay safe. And get ready to vote soon. Vote for everyone that supports women, girls, daughters, sisters, mothers, aunts, and grandmothers. Nobody’s going to give us equal rights, we have to support each other and think about our kids and their kids.

All my love and gratitude –
XO Donna

Gifted and Special

My HandI have received some of the best gifts ever this year!  I outlined this post using a pen so pretty that it should be able to write lush, timeless prose all by itself. (Heaven knows that sometimes creativity doesn’t come at one’s beck and call!)  I am wearing a beaded bracelet that I had admired on another client only days earlier, and this one was given to me as a Christmas gift. Turns out, this was made by my client and it “matches my hair” perfectly! (I am going to do an interview with her soon, so you will know more about these beautiful bracelets, and how to get one of your own!) 

My vanity smells of cinnamon soap and lavendar bathsalts. In my kitchen I have a treasure chest of dark chocolates – including a bar with liquid Absinthe-filled centers.  The Green Fairies would be pleased!  A jar of hand moisturizer made with whipped beeswax, from right outside of Austin, sits next to my sink. Perfect for this cold, dry weather we are having and so needed for all the time my hands spend in water! I also was given Himalayan Sea Salt Tequila shotglasses – which I learned (the hard way) are made for doing a shot.  NOT for sipping, ugh! And I got to enjoy a bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau and a lively conversation – while creating another beautiful blonde!

Sometimes my “day-job” is hard work,  (especially after all of these years!) but I have always felt gifted by my client’s love and appreciation. That makes it worth the long commute, the tired feet, aching back and the water-logged hands!  I am as pleased as my clients when I show them how beautiful they are, how radiant I perceive them to be…and align the outer with the inner. Sometimes my comb and brushes are, in fact, a magic wand – or maybe the magic is in uncovering the beauty that is already there!

And speaking of magic – presto,  it’s 2014!  I wish you all a new year full of “more of what you do want, and less of what you don’t!”

I don’t make resolutions for the New Year, but I do set one or two goals. This year I will  finish my book, “Sick and Tired…and Sexy,” and I’m experimenting with writing some erotic romance novels.  I have some great interviews lined up that I know you will enjoy.  I want to continue exploring this year, and I hope to share great ideas, and entertain as many people as I can on my journey!

As my Mother used to joke, “Yeah…isn’t that special ?”  Wink. Wink.

XO Donna