Please Choose



I know this for a fact: the secret to happiness is twofold .
First, you choose to be happy. And you keep choosing it, over and over.
Second, you make time to practice being grateful every day.

“Well, if I had something to be happy about, I would.  If I had something to be grateful for, I would. ”
Aha, the age-old conundrum: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Here’s the deal, you can always find something to be happy about and grateful for.  Then you will be both happy and grateful.

“Not having the best situation, but seeing the best in your situation is the key to happiness.”
 – Marie Forleo

For example, let’s take Austin’s notorious traffic. You can be stuck in it and get angry and frustrated. You can curse all you want, honk your horn, even gnash your teeth. But, does that make you happy?
Or….you can take responsibility, acknowledge that traffic is a part of life here, and plan for it. Spend your time in transit listening to a book, some beautiful music, or a TED Talk. Make the choice to be happy.

Now for part two: spend a few minutes each evening reviewing your day and find three things you are grateful for.

My sweetheart and I used to do this aloud before we went to sleep at night. Now I spend time before bed writing about everything I am grateful for. And here’s the kicker – since what we focus our attention on is what we get more of in our life…this isn’t being altruistic at all. I’m being rather selfish, actually. I want more good things!

Let’s bring this plane in for a landing – if you choose to be happy, and focus on what you are grateful for, you will become happy and have even more to be grateful for. Simple, no?

Do this consistently (I learned last night that 40 days is the magical number) and your life will change for the better.
I guarantee it, or your money back!

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more.”
– Melody Beattie

I’m counting on more,
XO Donna

Everything happens at once

Isn’t that the way it always is?  We’ve had to hit the floor, running!

Thankfully, we had a wonderful, exciting vacation. We got there and back quicker than I’d have imagined – thank you Virgin Airlines!  If I image have a choice, I will choose them from now on. And, at their terminal you can get both traditional American fare or sushi for breakfast…or have a flight of delicious Sonoma County wines. Guess which I chose?

We’ve been back for 4 days, and still sorting through photos – I took pics with my little camera, my iPhone, my sweetie’s iPhone and my iPad. I can’t find anything!

Some highlights of our vacation:

  1. Dinner and cocktails at Jack London’s restaurant in Carmel, where a friend earned herself a new nickname – Fireball. There was also a Poodle Parade with more than 100 Poodles in it, and we got to pet dogs and chat with owners.
  2. Having “the cop” called on our gang for sitting out by the firepit at our hotel and talking and laughing too LOUD for the quaint town of Carmel. However, the inn in question just sent us a survey asking how our visit was and inviting us to return…so I guess we’re not banned.
  3. Walking in the Pacific Ocean down in Cambria looking for Moonstones, although I had no idea what they are. I found a shark’s tooth!
  4. A great night at Half Moon Bay Inn – where we got to share a cozy rooftop patio with our friends from Santa Fe, and the owner, who we met last year, sent us up wine to enjoy. The rooms are very French, and so chic and sexy! image
  5. Riding over the Golden Gate Bridge in a group on our bikes. Priceless!
  6. Riding through the redwood forests and mountains on some of the twistiest roads I’ve ever been on.
  7. Experienceing the HOTTEST weather they’ve ever had up in Healdsburg and Sonoma. It was above 90.  A cakewalk for us Texans!
  8. Turk and I got to experience riding through rush-hour traffic on a Friday afternoon – right through downtown San Francisco – and it moved better than it does here. Wake up, Austin.
  9. Coming back with an idea for a fiction novel. I’ve begun work on it already.
  10. And last, but not least – the time spent with dear friends. Everyone got everywhere ‘safe and sound’. And 3 of our group (of 12) rode from Colorado to California. And back!  Kudos to Special, Smooth, and Wooley. My heart is so full.

If any of you are heading CA way, please send me a note. I will give you info on where we stayed, what we visited,  and where we ate. There is such marvelous food everywhere that Denise  said, “There must be a law against serving bad food in CA!”

Now it’s time to get busy and get our house on the market next week and sold.

XO  Donna