Time…is on my side

image“You don’t take action because you are motivated…you get motivated by taking action.”

I never would have thought that was true, but I learned differently during this move. I had to do so many things I didn’t feel like doing, and it took longer and ran later than I wanted. But I was hustling like my hair was on fire, and “shit got done!”

Have you ever noticed how we can drag our feet on something, but when we finally get in gear, magic happens?

It’s been two weeks since the moving van pulled up in our driveway. We feel more settled, more organized, and we love living in this smaller space!

Large windows and patio doors make for a nice bright inside/outside connection.
Even with all of this rain. A pretty view doesn’t hurt, either. Sitting on our patio in the evenings, a pair of birds I’ve never seen before have come to harass us. I’m thinking Scarlet Tanagers, a male and female.

And the best part is that we can be at any number of cool places within 15 minutes! Yesterday evening on our way to dinner we explored some of the back-roads that lead down to Lake Austin, and I gotta tell ya, it’s as beautiful as any of the roads we’ve ridden anywhere else in the country.

Now that I’m not driving 10+ hours a week, or working on our old house all of the time, I am motivated to finish my book and to start sewing again.

One of the young women I work with laughingly says, “Chillin’ like a villain.”

That’s me, love.
XO Donna